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US Congress Approves Second Warship For The Philippines

The United States Congress gave its blessing for the US Coast Guard to transfer a second ship to the Philippine Navy on February 10.  This approval is in keeping with the increased emphasis the United States is placing on the Asia-Pacific region. Most US-Philippine cooperative...

Some DoD Budget Numbers Leak Out

On February 11, Reuters News Service and other media outlets announced some specific details contained in the US Department of Defense’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget submission.  Much of what was released was already known.  The official budget proposal is expected to be released on...

US Navy Revisiting Feasibility Of A Sub-Launched Global Strike Weapon

USS Ohio SSGN 726
With proposed defense budget reductions creating a need to reshape American military forces, the US Department of Defense is once again looking into the possibility of developing a sub-launched “Prompt Global Strike” (PGS) weapon as a means of reinforcing America’s power projection capability.

USAF Cancels Block 30 RQ-4 Global Hawk

Few months after declaring the latest model Global Hawk intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) unmanned aircraft 'operational' the United States Air Force has announced it has decided to discontinue any further procurement of the Block 30 RQ-4 Global Hawk drones.

Secretary Of Defense Outlines Budget Cut Details

While the US army and marine Corps will downsize their forces by 100,000 personnel, shifting focus from Europe and the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, the Pentagon plans to nearly 200 fighter jets, 90 transports, and seven missile cruisers, and delay Virginia Class subs and F-35 acquisition. Aircraft Carriers and air wings will remain intact...

US Affirms Commitment to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced Friday that the United States remains committed to the further development of the Marine Corps’ version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, effectively removing the F-35B from the probation announced by former secretary Gates.

Seoul Orders 20 FA-50 Attack Aircraft In a $600 Million Deal

TA-50 launches an AGM-56 Maverick missile
Seoul has ordered 20 FA-50 fighter/attack aircraft from Korea Aerospace Industries (KIA) as part of a contract worth about $600 million. These strike versions are based on the T-50 advanced jet trainer developed by KAI for the ROKAF and for export.

South Korea Buy Two Dassault Surveillance Jets

Dassault Falcon 2000LX
The South Korean Defense Acquisition and Program Administration (DAPA) announced plans to acquire two French Dassault Aviation Falcon-2000 jets. The new aircraft are expected to be placed in service sometime in 2017 replacing the current Hawker 800RC.

Japan Decides to Ease Ban on Weapon’s Exports

The Japanese government has announced that the nation will ease some of its self-imposed restrictions governing the export of military technology and weapons. This move is expected to improve the competitiveness of Japanese manufacturers in foreign markets thus lowering production costs for domestic procurement and increase the workshare of Japanese suppliers in foreign defense programs

South Korea Puts Global Hawk Buy On Hold

A major multi-million deal to sell South Korea four Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk UAVs has been placed on hold, possibly for another year as Seoul is looking at alternatives.

Japan Formally Announces F-35 Selection

F35 for Japan
Japan formally announced today the selection of the F-35 for its future F-X fighter. Tokyo will receive 42 F-35 Lightning II multirole stealth fighters, to be built by Lockheed Martin, replacing Japan's aging fleet of F-4s, F-2s, and F-15s.

Defending The Homeland – The Future Of Japan’s And Taiwan’s Air Defense

The unsettling appearance of a Chinese aircraft carrier has created quite a stir in the Pacific among those nations that rely heavily on the United States for warfighting protection and military hardware. With the Chinese carrier now underway on its second round of sea trials, the Pacific community is looking with increased urgency to improve air defenses. Taiwan and Japan in particular are in critical need of an upgrade to their existing air-superiority fighter forces.

Looking To The Future In The Pacific

USS Chafee DDG 90 in Hawaii
The United States and her allies in the Asia-Pacific region are in need of an immediate response to the military challenge posed by China while continuing to maintain friendly relations with the Chinese on the economic front – a double-edged task that will require firm leadership, diplomacy, thoughtful strategy, perseverance, and considerable amounts of money. The manner in which all of this is accomplished may determine the real players on the future world stage.

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