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North Korea Issues Threat of Annihilation

For the past several days, North Korea has directed a string of increasingly hostile threats at South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his conservative administration. As usual with the North’s public pronouncements of doom, it is often difficult to separate reality from simple bombastic...

PyongYang Prepares for 3rd Nuke Blast, Following Missile Launch Failure

North Korea launched its long-range Unha-3 rocket today, Friday the 13th but the launch seems to have failed shortly after lift-off. No launch confirmation has been provided by North Korea yet. First reports say that an abnormally large “flare” was identified shortly after separation of the rocket’s first stage and the remaining portions of the rocket crashed somewhere in the sea.

North Korea Positions Rocket For Launch, Threatens Retaliation For Interference

North Korea’s new Unha-3 is now assembled on its launch platform in preparation for a highly controversial satellite launch later this week. And for the first time, the secretive North has granted a select group of international observers an extraordinary opportunity to view the rocket and witness the launch.

US And Pacific Allies Prepare For North Korean Rocket Launch

As North Korea continues preparations to launch a satellite into orbit with a long range missile, the Japanese government deployed three Aegis-armed destroyers and Patriot missile batteries as a defensive measure to protect Japanese property and lives. North Korea claims the southward launch trajectory will not risk its neighbors

Japan Orders Shoot Down of North Korean Rocket “If Necessary”

Japan’s Minister of Defense, Naoki Tanaka, issued orders on 30 March authorizing the Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF) to shoot down a North Korean rocket, scheduled for launch in mid-April, should the rocket or rocket debris appear to pose a danger to Japanese life or property.

North Korea Announces Plan To Launch Long-Range Rocket

The satellite being launched is named Kwangmyongsong-3, translated to mean “Bright Star” and will be mounted atop an Unha-3 rocket. Such a launch would be considered in direct violation of a UN Security Council resolution prohibiting North Korean long-range ballistic rocket launches

Japan Making Its F-2 Fighter Fleet More Lethal

Japan plans to upgrade 60 F-2 fighters with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s AAM-4B missile, a $468 million deal. This enhancement is expected to dramatically improve the lethality of the F-2 when engaging enemy aircraft.

Lockheed Martin and BAE Expect To Battle For South Korean And Taiwanese F-16 Upgrades

BAE Systems, looking for new opportunities to increase revenues, has been quietly challenging Lockheed Martin’s dominance of the international market providing F-16 upgrades...

Program Partners Confirm Support for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Amidst growing concern and criticism about the rising cost and delays, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program received a welcome vote of confidence last week from the United States and eight other nations during an international meeting sponsored by Canada. The attendees made...

Japan, Britain to Review Joint Armament Development

Media sources are reporting that Japan and Britain may soon begin negotiations to create a joint project for the development of weapons to reinforce each nation’s domestic weapon’s industries. Britain previously proposed the two nations collaborate in the development of an autoloading mechanism for 155-milimeter howitzers and three other defense systems

UK May Be Looking To Return To STOVL F-35B Aircraft

The U.K. decision to select the carrier based F-35C instead of the Short Take Off Vertical Landing (STOVL) F-35B variant would require major redesign of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier currently under construction. Even the increasing cost of the F-35B dwarfs, compared to the $1.9 billion cost increase required for the new carrier modification.

China Announces 2012 Defense Spending Increase of 11.2 Percent

China’s defense spending will exceed $100 billion for the first time this year. The Chinese government announced plans to increase defense spending to $106.4 billion in 2012 on Sunday, an increase of 11.2 percent over the 2011 defense budget.

Japan Issues Warning That The F-35 Purchase May Be Cancelled

F35 for Japan
On Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 Japan’s Minister of Defense announced that Japan may be compelled to cancel its $4.7 billion order for 42 Lockheed Martin F-35 fifth-generation Joint Strike Fighters unless the manufacturer and the United States government can guarantee that the proposed deadlines will be met and deliver assurances that proposed costs are confirmed. A formal contract is scheduled to be signed this summer or earlier.

South Korea seeks to build T-50 jet training center in Portugal

South Korea is seeking to build a pilot training center in Portugal that will be equipped with Korean Aerospace Industries' T-50 supersonic military jet trainers. a government source in Seoul said Saturday. Portugal was tapped as the primary negotiation partner for the International Military Flight Training Center...

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