China: Expanding Offshore Radar Surveillance with UHF Counter-Stealth Sites

China continues its force buildup across islands throughout the South China Sea. A study compiled by Asia maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) unveiled new installations and preparations on a number of islands.

Libya: Italy Agrees to Allow Armed U.S. Drone Missions from Sicily – WSJ

The Italian government last month quietly began allowing armed American drones to fly out of the US Naval Air Station Sigonella on the island of Sicily, on military operations against Islamic State in Libya and across North Africa — a breakthrough for Washington after more than a year of negotiations. U.S. drones have been based in Sigonella since 2011...

Libya: US Air Strike Probably Prevented IS Attack in Tunisia

A US air strike on an Islamic State training compound in Libya probably averted a mass shooting or a similar attack in Tunisia, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday