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Poland to Modernize Radar Surveillance

The Polish military is planning to modernize the country’s radar surveillance by replacing aging systems with new, more capable sensors featuring improved electronic countermeasures, resistance to jamming and seamless data connectivity to national and NATO systems.

Unmanned Peacekeepers Over Africa

United Nations peacekeepers in Africa are expanding the use of drones to improve force protection and better secure the civilian communities in conflict areas. The UN is expected to select a supplier for a larger MALE drone to succeed the Falco UAVs operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2013. Such drones will soon launch operations from two bases in Mali, in support of UN operations in the Sahara.

Aberdeen based aerostat in position to protect Washington from cruise missile...

The U.S. Army lofted today the first JLENS - Joint Land Attack Elevated netted Sensor aerostat system at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. This large aerostat blimp is equipped with a new cruise-missile and drone-fighting radar system that will cover a wide airspace from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania up to New York and New Jersey.

Special review: Israel’s largest defense technology display at Eurosatory 2014

Israel's participation at the Eurosatory defense exhibition this year was the largest ever. This review covers many of the highlights displayed at the Israel national pavilion organized by SIBAT, Israel's defense export directorate.

Controp Scouting for Applications for SPEED-A Aerostat-Based Payloads

SPEED-A Payload suspended under an aerostat
Controp is displaying its latest aerostat-optimized SPEED-A stabilized electro-optically payload system at Aero-India 2013, in anticipation of new opportunities maturing fr this unique system. The company is hopeful the system would be applicable for the Indian requirements for border and coastal protection, site protection and force protection, where tethered systems are have proved highly effective and economical in covering large areas, particularly over densely vegetated urban or flat terrain.

Negotiations between India and Israel Underway to Proceed with Aerostats Program

Airstar aerostat system can carry payloads of several tons in weight, enabling the platform to operate multiple sensors . Photo: RAFAEL
India and Israel are negotiating a follow-on delivery of four aerostat systems, augmenting the first delivery of aerostats that has already been deployed along India’s north-eastern border. Since 2009 both India and Pakistan are deploying aerostat-borne radars along their border to tighten control over this sensitive area.

Asia Pacific defense Update – Nov. 2012 Edition

The new issue of Asia pacific Defense Update is here! This digest of 26 articles highlighting recent defense news events from the region is based on the full version (premium content) from Defense Update and other sources, brought to you in a concise, pdf edition you can store on your desktop, read on tablets and smartphones.

International Conference on Unmanned Systems – AUVSI Israel 2012

For four decades Israel’s aerospace industries are maintaining their world leading position in the field of unmanned systems. The upcoming International Conference on Unmanned Systems will offer international delegates a unique insight into one of the country's most competitive fields of expertise.

Demand for Aerostats Increases Demand for SPEED-A Payloads

Two years ago Controp unveiled its new, aerostat-optimized EO multi-sensor payload system. Since its introduction, SPEED-A has been operational in combat by several military...

Controp Optimizes Stabilized EO Systems for Mast Mounted Vehicular Applications

At Aero-India 2011 Controp is introducing two new stabilized EO systems, optimized for vehicular platforms. The new, remotely controlled, gyro-stabilized Modular Electro-Optical System (MEOS). The system...

Indian Labs Demonstrate Mission-Ready Akashdeep Aerostat at Aero-India 2011

Aerostats are becoming popular in India, for their simple and reliable operation, extended persistence on missions and low operating cost. India has already deployed...

More Aerostats Improve Security in Afghanistan

In the lead-up to the summer fighting season in Afghanistan, the Defense Department is planning to dramatically increase the number of aerostats to be...

Army Deploys 300th RAID Tower, Supporting Forward Base Protection by Persistent...

Over 300 Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) towers and over 60 'blimp' systems have been deployed as part of the Persistent Surveillance and Dissemination...

Controp Unveils Aerostat-Dedicated Stabilized EO Payload System

A new stabilized electro-optical payload system recently deployed with IDF units provides sharp, stable imaging even under difficult weather conditions. The system designated 'Speed...

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