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AM General Introduces NXT-360 – a new Tactical Armored vehilce

AM General, the manufacturer of the legendary HMMWV introduced at Eurosatory 2018 the next 360, a new vehicle it offers in light tactical vehicle...

Advances in Transparent Armor Improving Vision from Armored Vehicles

Combat vehicles require increasing levels of protection to meet the threats they may face in battle. Unlike the past, today, aAlmost all military vehicles that operate in a combat environment require a mix of opaque and transparent protection solutions. Developers of transparent armor are always seeking to bring lighter and thinner solutions to reduce the weight of an armor kit and increase the available volume inside the protected capsule, enabling protection for lighter vehicles.

Saab Barracuda Expands Portfolio With ‘Soft Armor’

Defence and security company Saab subsidiary Barracuda is expanding its portfolio into ballistic protection, with Saab's acquisition of the rights to the 'Soft Armour' protection technology, from Protaurius AB.

CPS Unveil Metal Matrix Composites Armor and Blast Mitigating Materials

CPS Technologies, a producer of advanced Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) is unveiling armor grade materials produced by this advanced process, enabling armor designers to...

Rheinmetall Displays RPG-Protected Cabin for the HX2 High Mobility Truck

Above:Rheinmetall-HX2 showing the cabin RPG protection by flexible net and slat armor. A more advanced active defense system is also suggested for this application....

Åkers Krutbruk Designs Enhanced Armor for Swedish Leopard 2, CV9035

The German company IBD along with its Swedish subsidiary Åkers Krutbruk have demonstrated the latest MBT protection study for the MBT122 and CV9040, improving the tank’s protection over 360 degrees enhancing protection from asymmetric threats.

Eurosatory 2012 – a Compass for the 
Global AFV Market

Defense Update provides an insight into the armored fighting vehicle market trends expected to highlight the upcoming Eurosatory 2012 defense expo. Is there a future for main battle tanks? what are the growth areas? Can platforms become lighter?

Oshkosh Defense Unveils the Light All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV)

Oshkosh Defense has unveiled today the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV), a new class of vehicle designed to meet the military’s new trend...

Oshkosh Provides Underbody Protection for HEMTT A4

Oshkosh Defense was awarded the first U.S. Army order for 400 underbody armor protection kits for the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A4 vehicles, along with a delivery contract for additional (15) Logistics Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) wreckers, supporting troops operating in Afghanistan. The total value of these orders is about $38 million.

Homeland Security Technology from Israel

Weapons and Ammunition At Milipol 2009 Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) is displaying the X95 (Micro Tavor), designed for special units, offers high reliability and accuracy...

Thales Unveils the Hawkei – Lightweight Protected Mobility Vehicle

Thales Australia has unveiled the Hawkei lightweight Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV-L) developed to meet the Australian Defense Forces Land121 program and key export customers....

Innovative Designs Pursue new Opportunities for Light Patrol Vehicle

Armored vehicle designers and manufacturers in the UK are scrambling to develop light armored vehicles aimed to replace the lightly armored 4x4 Land Rover...

Improved Armor & IED Protection for British Army Units

Among the vehicles displayed was the new Ridgeback Personnel Protected Vehicle, which is a smaller version of the popular Mastiff that is already in...

Northrop Grumman, Oshkosh JLTV Undergoes Successful Armor Testing

As the Pentagon nears its selection of competing Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) teams, prospective vehicles are being completed for the planned finale. One of the...

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