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AM General Introduces NXT-360 – a new Tactical Armored vehilce

AM General, the manufacturer of the legendary HMMWV introduced at Eurosatory 2018 the next 360, a new vehicle it offers in light tactical vehicle...

Plasan unveils the Guarder – an armored carrier for SWAT teams

Plasan has presented today the first of six Guarder high performance armored vehicles ordered by the Sao Paolo police department. The order for the development and delivery of six vehicles for about $9.5 million was announced in June 2014. The vehicles will equip the special weapons and tactics team (SWAT) of the largest city in Brazil.

Better helmets, headgear improve blast protection, reduce facial injury

The U.S. Army is looking at helmet prototypes with optional parts to protect the face and jaw from various threats, including blast waves.

CombatGuard – go-anywhere 4×4 armored vehicle

IMI will unveil the CombatGuard - a light, agile off-road armored vehicle at the Eurosatory. Adapted to asymmetric and high intensity warfare, IMI claims it offers unprecedented protection, speed and mobility even in the most rugged terrain for an armored vehicle of its class.

Thales Australia Sends a Hawkei Prototype to Paris

Thales Australia is displaying at Eurosatory the latest version of the Hawkeye, selected by the Australian defense for the LAND 121 Phase 4 program

Eurosatory 2012 – a Compass for the 
Global AFV Market

Defense Update provides an insight into the armored fighting vehicle market trends expected to highlight the upcoming Eurosatory 2012 defense expo. Is there a future for main battle tanks? what are the growth areas? Can platforms become lighter?

Russia Testing Italian Centauro Wheeled Tanks

Russia is testing Italy's Centauro ‘wheeled tank’ and considering building it under license. The company has already delivered two Centauro vehicles, the original design with the 105mm gun and another fitted with a Russian 125mm cannon.

SUPACAT Introduces the SPV400 Light Armored Vehicle

The new vehicle is one of the contenders for the UK MoD LPPV Program The all-terrain vehicle producer Supacat launched the new light armored vehicle Supacat...

General Dynamics UK Wins British FRES-SV Contract

The British Ministry of Defence has selected the UK division of General Dynamics (GDUK) to provide the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) Scout Vehicles,...

Sweden Selects AMV for Armored Personnel Vehicle Modernization

The Swedish defense procurement office (FMV) has awarded Patria of Finland the contract to deliver 113 Armored Modular Vehicles (AMV) to the Swedish Armed...

Jordan to Upgrade 300 M-113A1s Armored Personnel Carriers

The Royal Jordanian Army is upgrading 300 M113A1 Armored Personnel Carriers. The U.S. Army awarded BAE Systems a $43.3 million contract to deliver complete...

US Army Announce JLTV Winners

GTV, Navistar-BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin will develop three competing designs for final selection within 27 months. The U.S. Army narrowed the list of potential...

Hatehof Unveils the Xtream High Mobility Armored Vehicle

Hatehof, a specialist vehicle designer and manufacturer from Israel is introducing a range of highly protected vehicles at Eurosatory. The company is already producing...

KMW Unveils Enhanced Fennek Recce Vehicle Platform

At Eurosatory 2008 KMW unveiled the GP-F2T prototype, carrying the Fennek platform into a modular, scalable design. GP-F2T is a generic, flexible platform which could be tailored to...

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