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EADS: Seoul Could Benefit from Splitting Fighter Buy Between F-35, Typhoon

Typhoon has lost the bid offering 60 aircraft for the Government of South Korea. The Koreans initially favored the newest version of the Boeing...

Milipol 2013: Cassidian Introduces a new, Lightweight Ground Surveillance Radar

Cassidian is launching a new member of its Spexer family of ground surveillance radar at the Milipol security expo in Paris this week. According...

Germany to Fly Sagitta – an Unmanned Flying Wing by 2015

Following development and testing of core elements, "Sagitta", Cassidian's future Unmanned Aerial Systems' (UAS) research program is entering a two year integration and testing...

Increased Operational Capabilities for Eurofighter Typhoon

Cassidian, the defence division of EADS, has successfully finalized its flight testing of the Eurofighter Typhoon Phase 1 Enhancements (P1E) programme. After an intensive...

Austrian Forces to Receive Tracker Mini-UAS from Cassidian

The Austrian Ministry of Defence has ordered six Tracker mini unmanned air systems (comprising a total of 18 aircraft) under an initial contract worth €3...

German ‘SmartRadar’ Demonstrates Aerial Ground Surveillance (AGS), Maritime Surveillance Missions

An airborne ground surveillance radar developed by Cassidian (EADS' defense and security division) was recently demonstrated in flight testing. The new AESA-based radar is...

European Aerospace Industries Call For a European MALE Program

Paris, Le Bourget: European aerospace industries and defense establishments are promoting pan-European collaboration in launching a collaborative development of Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE)...

Spain Flys the Atlante UAS

Atlante, an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the European defense group Cassidian has made its first flight at Rozas airfield, near Lugo, Spain last week. designed to address the tactical UAS mission profile is also capable of carrying out civil and homeland security applications.

Cirrus Aircraft to Join French Air Force Trainer Fleet

Cirrus Aircraft won a tender set by EADS for the supply of a fleet of training aircraft supporting pilot training for the French Air Force and Navy.

Barracuda UAS Demonstrates Networked Multi-UAS Missions in Canada

Cassidian has successfully carried out a series of test flights with its Barracuda UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) technology demonstrator at Goose Bay military test range in Canada. In the past month Barracuda testbed completed five test flights under the 'Agile UAV in a Network Centric Environment' (Agile UAV-NCE) program.

Cassidian’s ‘Smart Jammer’ Equips Commercial Vehicles with IED Countermeasure

Cassidian recently unveiled a ‘new-generation’ Convoy Protection Jammer that uses ultra-fast ‘Smart Responsive Jamming’ technology’ to substantially enhance protection, while maintaining relatively low power consumption and uninterrupted communications.

Cassidian, Rheinmetall form Unmanned systems’ JV

Rheinmetall and Cassidian are pooling their Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) activities in tactical, Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAS and cargo loading systems. The newly announced cooperation will consolidate the offering of the two companies to gain customer support.

European Defense Update – November 18, 2011

MEADS Air Defense System Progresses Despite Uncertain Future | Italy Accepts First T-346 Advanced Jet Trainer | German Government to Own Part of EADS | Secure Positioning from Saab | Cassidian to Maintain Spanish Air Force C130

Defense Reports: The French Defense Industry 2011-2016

This 194 page report provides a top level overview of the French defense industry, offering insights into market opportunities and entry strategies adopted by foreign OEMs to gain a market share in the French defense market. In particular, it offers in-depth analysis of defense industry market size from 2005 through 2010 and forecasts till 2016 and provides an insight into the French defense market with current, historic and forecast market values.

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