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Invisible Drones Could Become Reality with New Meta Material

Electrical engineers at the University of California in San Diego have created a new design for a cloaking device, using an ultra-thin Teflon substrate, studded with cylinders of ceramic, that can 'bend' light weaves around objects coated with it, creating a cloak. This cloaking device would render unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) invisible, leaving no visual, electronic or infrared signature for an enemy to detect.

Eltics Unveils Black Fox’ Deception Capabilities

Eltics has released a new video showing unique thermal signature shaping, employing the 'Black Fox' cloak able to conceal large vehicles, causing them to blend with the background or mimik much smaller, less distinctive vehicles.

BAE Systems to Unveil Adaptive Camouflage Cloak for Combat Vehicles at...

BAE Systems has recently tested an ‘invisibility cloak’ that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings, effectively becoming invisible to thermal imaging systems.

New Meta-Material Could Render Submarines Invisible to Sonar Detection

A research team from the University of Illinois, led by mechanical science and engineering professor Nicholas Fang, have demonstrated a technology that renders underwater...

Black Fox: Thermal Stealth Suite for Combat Vehicles

Thermal stealth technology being developed by the Israeli company Eltics promises to render military vehicles, combat helicopters and even entire naval surface ships invisible to thermal...

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