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Defense Exhibitions – Q1 – 2019

A quarterly list of defense-related events from around the world. The first month of every quarter is open to all readers, the last two are reserved for subscribers. The full lists are opened for all readers at the beginning of each preceding quarter. We welcome events orgenizers updates, please use the form included at the end of each page.

Counter-IED techniques to be demonstrated at the Counter Terror Expo in...

C-IED demonstration zone at the Counter Terror Expo to highlight how technology is keeping ahead of this ever present, ever changing threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

Wireless Terrorism On the Rise

Terrorists have long exploited the Internet as a means to try and attract recruits to their cause. During the attack on Mumbai in November 2008 the terrorists made extensive use of mobile phones they picked up from those they had killed to look at how the events were being portrayed by the international media. It became a way of emboldening them to continue the fight over the sixty-two hours it lasted. Those involved knew through social media they were having a dramatic impact on the world stage.

The Geographic Spread of Al Qaeda

Standing back at looking at the deteriorating situation across the Middle East and North Africa it is difficult not to conclude that with so many places now available for Al Qaeda to offer training to its adherents that soon its operating model may change yet again.

IHS: Terrorism is on an Upward Trend

The figures could not be clearer. Any objective analysis of the information obtained from open sources by the defence intelligence supplier IHS Janes shows...

Terrorist Threat Outlook in 2012

Counter Terror Expo 2012 delegates are set to discover how the momentous events that have occurred during the past year, will force us to...

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