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Hidden Gems in US-Israeli Defense Industrial Cooperation

Suffering in silence under the crisis triggered by COVID 19 is not the way to respond to the dramatic market changes unfolding. Guest author Joel Alon outlines some of the positive prospects hiding in this dire situation, presenting new opportunities for Israel's struggling defense industries.

Who Will Lead Defense Sector Consolidation?

Who is most likely to lead the rationalisation in the defense sector? As defense markets appearing to have entered a prolonged downturn, the biggest defense companies are employing strategies to delay negative effects by buying back shares, but they can't do that forever...

‘Government Technology Allied Group’ (GTAG) to promote Israel’s Defense Sector SMEs

‘Government Technology Allied Group’ (GTAG) to promote Israel’s Defense Sector SMEs

RAFAEL President outlines his view of the company way forward

RAFAEL offers a wide range of leading edge solutions, from defensive measures for submarines and surface vessels, through land systems to airborne and space-based...

U.S. Department of Defense Fears the Budget Axe

The Department of Defense (DOD) budget is facing mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle as lawmakers struggle to rein in trillion-dollar deficits. Read...

Eurosatory 2010 Exhibition Preview

World's Defense Industries Set Course toward paris New: Eurosatory 2012 Preview Flying robots, field medical operating facilities, wearable electronics will be some of the highlights of...

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