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Israeli Drone and Robotics Companies Team to Introduce a Flying EOD...

Heven Drones, a fast-growing Israeli drone technology company, has unveiled at ISDEF 2022 an integrated robotic solution combining an aerial multirotor and unmanned ground vehicle for land and air operation. The solution was jointly developed by Heven Drones and Roboteam, an Israeli tactical ground robotic systems provider. The companies began working on the project responding to a specific requirement for defense and homeland security applications raised by a customer. They are now exploring additional use cases for land and air robots to maximize efficiency in other applications.

Milipol 2015: Unmanned Vehicles for Homeland Security

A collection of photos taken at Milipol 2015 depicting new unmanned systems, payloads and robotics spotted by Defense Update team at the event.

Mini-Robot to Support Air Force’s Bomb Disposal Teams

The Israeli robot company Roboteam has won a prestigious contract award worth $25 million to deliver and support small, lightweight MTGR (?) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) robots to the U.S. Air Force. The contract funds the delivery and support of the robots through 2022.

Scientists hack a 25 year old chemical sensor into dual-use explosives...

Scientists at the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Centre (ECBC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground assisted by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Smith Detection, demonstrated recently how a standard chemical agent detector can be hacked into an explosive material detection sensor. The modified device can already detect roughly a dozen compounds including TNT, RDX and EGN. Future efforts could increase the number of detectable compounds.

Preview: Israel’s live robotics display at AUS&R

Israel's latest drones and robots are on display this week at the AUS&R event. Held for the second year, AUS&R has become the showcase of Israel's unmanned systems industry and operators.

New LIDAR for the TALON

QinetiQ North America is unveiling at AUSA a new version of its TALON counter IED robot. The TALON V is designed to be stronger, more versatile and interoperable with third party components that gives the soldier more flexibility and options to carry out the mission at hand.

Counter-IED techniques to be demonstrated at the Counter Terror Expo in...

C-IED demonstration zone at the Counter Terror Expo to highlight how technology is keeping ahead of this ever present, ever changing threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)


The Israeli robotics developer Roboteam is introducing a new miniature robot designed for intelligence gathering and counter IED operations. The ultra-light, 13-lb, highly maneuverable robot can be carried by an individual soldier, climbs stairs and 60⁰ obstacles, operates effectively indoors utilizing secure MANET data link

Safely Training to Deal with IEDs

The Israeli company TAMAR Explosives is introducing at Milipol 2009 the X-test range of explosive simulants, products specifically designed for training and testing of...

Technological Aspects of Homeland Security: Fighting IEDs

Cellphones and other wireless communications devices are providing terrorists an effective means of control. By separating the device preparation and placement from the actual...

Netline Introduces Counter-IED Jammers

Originally known as 'bomb jammers' these devices were utilized by EOD/ bomb disposal teams, to deny an adversary to trigger a device under inspection...

JAM-V High Power Counter-IED Jammers

Originally known as 'bomb jammers' these devices were utilized by EOD/ bomb disposal teams, to deny an adversary to trigger a device under inspection...

First MAARS Weaponized Robot Delivered for Testing

Foster-Miller, a subsidiary of QinetiQ North America shipped the first Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) ground robot to the U.S. military under a...

Anti-Armor IEDs are Becoming More Sophisticated

"Vehicle Armoring – MRAP and Beyond" < Page 5 of 8 > No armor is capable of rendering total protection. Armor is designed as a combination...

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