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Goodrich to Upgrade U-2 Mission Payload With Multi-Spectral Sensors

U-2 in Sowthwest Asia
Goodrich Corp. is upgrading the two Senior Year Electro-Optical Reconnaissance Sensors (SYERS) currently used on U.S. Air Force Lockheed Martin U-2 'Dragon Lady' platforms operated by the 9th Reconnaissance Wing. Multi-spectral sensors capture images at specific frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. Enhanced images provided by the payload are used for targeting, threat analysis, and situational assessment, by evaluating changes in images taken in different times, showing differences not readily apparent to the human eye.

Goodrich to Show ACES II Ejection Seats at Aero-India

Goodrich is displaying its F-16 ACES II advanced concept ejection seat at Aero-India. ACES II is credited with saving over 600 lives to date....

Pakistan’s Falcons to Fly Five New Recce Pods

The U.S. Air Force contracted the Goodrich Corporation to equip Pakistan's Air Force Lockheed-Martin F-16 fighters with five DB-110 reconnaissance pods. Goodrich will also assist Pakistan to establish a 'reconnaissance fusion center' supporting the new assets.

F-16 Recce Pod Completes Flight Tests

Goodrich Corporation's (NYSE: GR) new reconnaissance pod has successfully completed flight testing as part of the F-16 Poland Peace Sky program. Testing was conducted...

Laser Warning Devices for AFV

A key component in Missile Countermeasures Devices (MCD) and Active Protection Systems (APS) is the threat warning. The most mature system is the laser...

DB110 Aerial Reconnaissance Pod

The Goodrich's DB-110 reconnaissance pod is a digital, real-time, tactical reconnaissance system designed to capture images in day or night, using electro-optical sensor technology....

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