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SSW40, an Automatic Grenade Launcher Debut at DSEI 2023

Rheinmetall is introducing at DSEI 2023 a new Squad Support Weapon (SSW) designed to fire 40mm grenade ammunition As fire jsupport weapon for infantry squads. SSW is an automatic, magazine-loaded, shoulder fired grenade launcher, with a size and weight similar to an assault rifle.

Russian Ordnance Group Adapts Grenade Launchers to Arm Drones

The Russian Techmash ordnance group evaluates the use of grenade launchers onboard drones

TiGER Proposed for U.S. Army’s Small Loitering Munition Program

Another system unveiled by MBDA Inc is the Tactical Grenade Extended Range (‘TiGER’), a loitering weapon built around a small warhead weighing 1 pound,...

GM-94 / VGM-93 Thermobaric 43mm Grenade

KBP displayed at Defendory 06 an interesting range of 43mm rifle launched grenades, one of the most innovative was the GM 94, capable of...

XM242 Fuze

ATK and IMI teamed to produce the XM242 fuses replacing the M223 fuses in existing M42/M46 grenades forming current DPICM ammunition. This fuse utilizes...

FIREFLY – Miniature “Video Grenade”

FIREFLY, under development at RAFAEL is a miniature intelligence gathering projectile weighing 145g and launched from a standard M203 grenade launcher. The projectile is...

Multi-Effect / Sprinkler CS Grenades

The multi effect grenades are using both CS and small explosive charges to provide an unpredicted "surprises". After throwing the grenade it emits high...

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