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US Army, Lockheed Martin Test Collaborative Robotics at Ft Benning

successfully conducted a fully autonomous resupply, reconnaissance, surveillance and target-acquisition demonstration a ground robotic vehicle operating remotely controlled surveillance system and an unmanned helicopter. The 'Extend the Reach of the Warfighter through Robotics' (ERWR) demonstration that took place at Ft Benning GA on August 7 joined two systems produced by Lockheed Martin – the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) acting as the ground segment and the K-MAX unmanned air vehicle providing the aerial segment.

K-MAX Crashes on a Mission in Afghanistan

One of two K-MAX unmanned helicopters supplying the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan has crashed June 5th at Camp Leatherneck near Kandahar. The helicopter...

K-MAX to Stay in Afghanistan Until the 2014 Withdrawal

The U.S. Marine Corps will keep the two K-MAX unmanned helicopters in Afghanistan 'indefinitely', at least, until the withdrawal or US troops from the country next year.

OPTIMUS to Extend UAV Autonomy, Under Human Supervisory Control

A UAV autonomy technology developed under an ONR contract will enable aircraft to operate under supervisory control - a human operator will interact with the system at a high level while low level control is left to the automation.

Navy, Marines Share Lessons of Cargo UAV Missions in Afghanistan

The US Navy and Marine Corps are evaluating the lessons learned from five months of operations of the Cargo Resupply Unmanned Aerial System (CRUAS) in Afghanistan and are likely to issue their recommendations for a standardized, with modular platform for the following phase.

Update: The Marines Want Cargo-UAS Now

While DARPA's dream of TX Transformers hopping supplies and personnel through the sky, avoiding roadside IEDs and ambushes, the Marines in Afghanistan need a...

Decision Time for Cargo UAVs

Above: The AirMule prototype has performed 40 test hovers and accumulated 10 hours of flight time. More recently the aircraft has been undergoing a...

Unmanned Weight Lifters – UAVs Assume Cargo Delivery Role

The Marine Corps is nearing a decision about the deployment of unmanned air systems to resupply forward units in Afghanistan, replacing some of the...

The U.S. Marines Explore Unmanned Cargo Delivery

The U.S. Marine Corps is seeking new ways to support troops fighting in Afghanistan, and is exploring how unmanned vehicles could be utilized for...

Unmanned Helicopters Could Augment Vertical Lift Transport in Combat Areas

October 2011 Update: KMAX to Begin Hauling Cargo for Marines in Afghanistan Next Month An unmanned Kaman K-MAX helicopter was recently flown by Lockheed Martin and...

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