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DEFEXPO 2018 – Photo Highlights

Part I of 4 photographic reviews of DEFEXPO 2018 brought to you by Defense-Update.

Brazil Expects to Deploy Pantsir-S1 Air-Defense Systems Before the Rio-2016 Olympics

Pantsir S1 firing the 57E6 air-defense missile
The Brazilian Ministry of Defense will commence negotiations for the procurement of Pantsir-S1 (SA-22) and Igla (SA-18) Very Short Range Air-Defense missiles (VSHORAD). Timely delivery of the systems is critical to provide Brazil with the necessary air-defense assets it required to place for the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

UAE To Upgrade 135 BMP-3 Armored Infantry Vehicles

The United Arab Emirates has announced at IDEX 2011 the conclusion of an agreement for the modernization of 135 Russian produced BMP-3 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles in service with the UAE land forces. The a $74-million upgrade contract was negotiated with Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport.

GM-94 / VGM-93 Thermobaric 43mm Grenade

KBP displayed at Defendory 06 an interesting range of 43mm rifle launched grenades, one of the most innovative was the GM 94, capable of...

Pantsir S1 Air Defense System

Pantsir S1 was developed by KBP, as an upgrade of the Tungushka, offering extended engagement capability such as the use of both gun and...

DROZD Hard-Kill Active Defense System

The first and probably the world's only operationally deployed APS developed by the Russian KBP company was the 1030M Drozd (Thrush), which was first installed on a T-...

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