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Increasing lethality for the Bradley

A Bradley fighting vehicle up-gunned with ATK XM813 30mm cannon integrated into a Kongsberg MCT-30 Remote Turret was recently demonstrated in fire at Fort Benning, GA. The new 30-mm cannon is intended to replace the 25-mm M242, giving vehicles greater firepower.

LCS 4 fires the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile

LCS 4 Littoral Combat Ship demonstrates flexible weapon mounting applications, firing the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile from the aft deck

New Scout SV armoured vehicle unveiled at DVD

General Dynamics UK (GDUK) unveiled today the Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) at the DVD event in Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK. This is...

Canada Selects Textron Systems for Tactical Armored patrol Vehicles (TAPV)

Canada has announced the selection of Textron Systems Canada, a subsidiary of U.S. Textron Systems, as the preferred bidder to deliver 500 armored vehicles to equip the Canadian Army under a $708 million contract.

U.S. Army Expand CROWS II Contract to Cover More Spares, Repairs

The US Army has increased the ongoing framework contract for Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station II (CROWS II) with about US$77 million (451 million...

Javelin Missiles Fired from Stryker’s CROWS II Weapon Station

Integration of the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile with the U.S. Army Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS II) is underway. The first firing...

Surface Launched (SL)AMRAAM Complementary Low Altitude Weapon System (CLAWS)

SLAMRAAM also known as Complementary Low Altitude Weapon System (CLAWS) offers effective defense against the low-flying cruise missile and the unmanned aerial vehicle. The...

Remotely Controlled Weapon Stations at the 2006 Eurosatory Exhibition

Remotely controlled sensors and weapon stations form another facet of unmanned systems, enabling soldiers to operate their weapons from a safe distance or behind...

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