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APKWS – High Precision, Deadly Sting

Currently in its third year of full rate production, BAE Systems' APKWS rocket is the only U.S. Department of Defense fully qualified guided 2.75-inch rocket. Following the Navy and Marine Corps, the US Army has also ordered the rocket for its Apaches. Since the weapon has been cleared for export the US NAVY program has received 13 formal letters of request (LORs) from international customers expressing interest in acquiring APKWS.

Middle East Defense Update – Nov. 18, 2011

Disagreements on Commercial Terms Reverses UAE’s Choice of Rafale | Egypt to Renew M-1A1 Tanks Production | IDF is Fielding a new Tactical Intelligence Collection Vehicle | Talon Guided Rockets Complete Qualification Tests | UAE Considers APG-80 AESA Radar Upgrades | Oman to Receive Mica VL Naval & Land Based Air Defense Systems | Kuwait - Technical/Logistics Support for F/A-18 Aircraft | Israel Tests a New Ballistic Missile

New Language for Air-Ground Collaboration

Early strike missions employed laser-guided weapons exclusively, and required the launching platform, or advanced target designation parties on the ground, to maintain constant line-of-sight, to designate...

New Lightweight Missiles are Tailored for Asymmetric Warfare

Modern weapons are no longer compared on the size and power of their warheads. In a world where illusive targets take cover amongst innocent...

Lockheed Martin Unveils 2.75″ Laser Guided Rocket

Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) today unveiled the Direct Attack Guided Rocket (DAGR), a 2.75 inch guided rocket developed as a company funded initiative, designed g...

Targeting at the pixel

Start < Page 7 of 11 > Unlike laser guided munitions, which share a mutual electro-optical signal to coordinate the sensor and shooter, GPS guided weapons require...

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