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New Miniature Lasers Improve Air/Ground Coordination, Response

Elbit Systems is demonstrating several new systems providing ground forces with better, safer air support. Among the systems displayed at the AUSA exhibition are the Rattler and Serpent-M, an ultra-light, battery-powered laser target designator and marker is small enough to be carried by foot-mobile war fighters, enabling soldiers to designate targets for laser-guided bombs, missiles and other munitions.

Laser Guided Bombs vs Geo-Targeted Weapons

Laser guided bombs are often more accurate than GPS guided weapons, typically achieving circular error points (CEP) of thee to one meters. On the down side, their employment requires complex coordination, restricting mission planning and maneuverability, considerably reducing mission success rate.

Green Light for New Eurofighter Capabilities

Eurofighter Typhoon is moving a step forward to become a true multi-mission fighter. By the end of March 2007 Eurofighter GmbH, the aircraft manufacturer...

Paveway / Enhanced Paveway Laser Guided Weapon

Paveway II – IV - GBU-10 / 12/ 24 / 28 Since their inception in 1968, the Laser Guided Bombs (LGB) have revolutionized tactical air-to-ground warfare....

Precision Attack in Urban Warfare

Start < Page 9 of 9 > The employment of air support in an urban environment was a new requirement which surfaced during OIF. Successful and...

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