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IrvinGQ Develops a Parachute Delivery System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Parachute and Airborne Delivery expert IrvinGQ has adapted its ATAX platform to support the autonomous aerial deployment of unmanned ground vehicles, enabling users to deploy UGVs by parachute to remote locations, behind enemy lines without risking human lives to support those assets.

Parachuting accident puts T-11 parachute safety in question

A fatal parachuting accident that happened at Fort Bragg last week is raising concern about the safety of the US Army newest parachute - T11. This parachute, considered the most advanced, non steerable parachute system, has entered service in 2009, replacing the T-10 that has been in service for over 60 years.

Smart Parachutes

A commando team of paratroopers is dropped at night from an altitude of 32,800 feet (10,000m) ready to take up position in an ordered...

JPADS – The Way Ahead

Start < Page 5 of 6 > Heavier classes of Joint Precision Airdrop System systems are planned for fielding in the near future. These include the JPADS-L...

Profiling the Wind

Start < Page 2 of 6 > The largest error component for release point calculation is the wind estimate. Former practice used to rely on wind models...

Precision Aerial Delivery

Start < Page 1 of 6 > Aerial delivery by parachute has been practiced extensively, but until the introduction of the ram-air parachute this capability...

Airborne Systems Group Demonstrates new Tactical Parachutes

Airborne Systems Group demonstrated new parachute delivery systems during the company's "Airborne Days" demonstration event. Among the highlights were the Advanced Tactical Parachute System...

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