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Protecting Satellites in Orbit

Carter said the US has established an integrated effort to in understanding the anti-satellite threat, and preparing a work plan on how the US...

US Air Force Monitors Commercial SATCOM Channels to Locate Jamming

The US Air Force has been operating a globally deployed network of Rapid Attack Identification Detection Reporting Systems - satellite communications nodes that monitor civilian satellite communications signals and detecting the source of interference and jamming that could disrupt military communications dependent on those channels

Boeing’s ‘Phantom Phoenix’ Introduce Medium, Small and Nano Satellites

A family of small satellites under development at Boeing are designed to be quickly tailored for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions

Launch of Three Russian Navigational Satellites Fail

A Russian Proton-M rocket failed to launch three Glonass satellites into orbit today. The Proton-M carrier launcher, took off from the Baikonur Space Center...