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Spike ER2 Missile Doubles the Range of Attack Helicopters

Israel's RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is expanding its Spike guided missile family with the introduction of Spike ER2, an extended-range tactical missile the company positions to equip attack helicopters, combat vehicles, and mall boats.

Three Philippine’s Assault Crafts to Receive Israeli Missiles Soon

Three newly commissioned Multi-Purpose Assault Crafts (MPAC MKIII) of the Philippines Navy will soon be equipped with Spike ER multi-purpose missiles, the local Department...

Sharpening the Spike

RAFAEL is introducing enhanced versions of the Spike family missiles, including a Spike NLOS offering improved seekers and targeting capabilities and adaptation to air,...

Apache Block III Remains the Finalist in India’s Attack Helicopter Selection

With Night Hunter's Dropped, Apache Block III Remains the Finalist in India's Attack Helicopter Selection. Selecting the AH-64D will also pave the way for India to receive the AGM-114L-3 Hellfire Longbow anti-tank guided missile for the first time.

Middle East Defense Update Sept. 21, 2011

U.S. Delivers GBU-28 Bunker-Busting Bombs to Israel | Airbus Military Delivers First C295 Medium Transport to Egypt | Turkey, Egypt Discuss Possible Export of Anka UAV | Qatar to Buy Six MH-60R Maritime helicopters | UAE to Buy Hellfire Missiles, Link 16 Datalinks | Saudi Arabia to Equip Three Artillery Regiments with U.S. Howitzers | Rafael Fires Spike ER Missiles for Indian Evaluation | Israel defense Forces to Deploy Additional Automated 120mm Mortars | Bahrain to Buy Wireless TOW 2 Missiles

Asia Pacific Defense Update Sept. 21, 2011

Second Successful Launch of the Indian Shourya Ballistic Missile | Neptune Prepared for Flight | Cyber Espionage Compromises Technical Data at Japan’s Defense Giant | Taiwan developing asymmetrical strategies to deal with China | Taiwan to Invest Half a Billion US$ for Pilot Training Program | China military growth to boost arms sales to Asia | China Launches a New Military Communications Satellite | Boeing Delivers Peace-Eye 737 AEW&C to Korea | BCL to deploy the First Immersive Tactical Trainer in India

PARS 3 LR Competes for Two Indian Attack Helicopter Programs

MBDA confirmed today that its PARS 3 Long Range (LR) guided missile system has been short listed for the Indian Army helicopter future air-to-ground...

Enhancing The New Spike Family

The Israeli Spike missile was developed by Rafael to meet IDF requirement for an infantry operated, precision guided weapon capable of defeating enemy armor...

Rosvertol Introduce Modernized Mi-24PN Upgrades

Prospects programs are expected in Eastern Europe, India as well as other third world air forces. However, the "westernization" of Mi-24/35 in service with in...

Tiger Seeks new Claws – Eurosatory 2006 Exhibition Review

The Tiger armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter received lots of attention at Eurosatory 2006, marking the completion of one armament programs (Australia) and the...

Spike ER Extended Range AT Missile

Spike ER (Formerly known as NT-D) is the extended long-range version of the Spike family, capable of defeating tanks at a range well beyond...

Spike Multi-Purpose Anti-Armor Missile

Manufacturer: RAFAEL / Eurospike Spike is a new generation, electro-optical, medium to long range anti-tank missile developed at the RAFAEL Missile Division Anti-Armor Directorate. Spike...

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