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Seoul to Invest US$63 Billion in Strategic Deterrence, Missile Defense

The South Korean defense ministry submitted to the parliament a 214.5 trillion won (US$192.6 billion) budget request for the 2014-2018 fiscal year period. The...

How Dangerous is the S-300 Syria is About to Receive?

What are the implications of Moscow delivering S-300 air-defense systems to Syria, could one weapon system decide the outcome of the Syrian power struggle,...

USAF Readies Massive Ordnance Penetrator for Showdown in Iran

The US has enhanced its biggest bunker buster bomb specifically to enable the destruction of Iran's underground Fordow uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qom. 20 such bombs - the biggest and heaviest bomb in the US arsenal, will be delivered this year, following the completion of upgrades and testing.

Cam Ranh Bay is the Prize, Are Lethal Weapons the Cost?

The US is looking at adding new port of calls such as the Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam, for facilities that can service units rotating through the region thus reducing vulnerabilities associated with permanent, fixed positions. A rotational strategy also serves to reduce local opposition to the presence of sizeable US forces.

Secretary of Defense Panetta Outlines Broad Framework of US Pivot to...

US Secretary of Defense said that the proposed realignment would result in a 60/40 split of US naval forces between the Pacific and the Atlantic by 2020, an increase in Pacific-deployed forces of about 10 percent

Japan and US Agree To US Marine Realignment In Pacific

After sixteen long years of debate and aggravating delays, the United States and Japan have reached an agreement to reduce the presence of US...

US Navy Revisiting Feasibility Of A Sub-Launched Global Strike Weapon

USS Ohio SSGN 726
With proposed defense budget reductions creating a need to reshape American military forces, the US Department of Defense is once again looking into the possibility of developing a sub-launched “Prompt Global Strike” (PGS) weapon as a means of reinforcing America’s power projection capability.

America’s Misguided Foreign Policy Encourages Iran’s Quest for Hegemony

The biggest threat from a nuclear Iran is Teheran's becoming an 'invincible' power in the Middle east, protected by home made yet effective 'nuclear deterrence'. Most vulnerable would be the Arab countries and Gulf States with Suni majority. Israel will remain a side show in such inter-Muslim conflict

A New Strategy for the U.S.Military

The new defense strategy announced by President Barack Obama on January 5, 2012 sets the stage for dramatic cuts in the defense budget, reducing $487 billion in defense spending over the next decade. It also sets the guidelines for the nation’s armed services preparing to face new challenges in the next decade.

Looking To The Future In The Pacific

USS Chafee DDG 90 in Hawaii
The United States and her allies in the Asia-Pacific region are in need of an immediate response to the military challenge posed by China while continuing to maintain friendly relations with the Chinese on the economic front – a double-edged task that will require firm leadership, diplomacy, thoughtful strategy, perseverance, and considerable amounts of money. The manner in which all of this is accomplished may determine the real players on the future world stage.

Pakistan Tests HATF IX Nuclear-Capable Short Range Tactical Guided Weapon

Pakistan has tested a nuclear-capable tactical missile dubbed HATF IX (also known as Nasr). The missile was developed as a ‘quick response weapon’, two...

LAAD 2011 Focus: Brazil’s Defense Cooperation Agreements

For many years Brazil’s military relied on surplus equipment acquired from the leading powers. In the 1980s the country shifted to depend on domestic...

2011 Flashpoints: Asia – Competing For Regional Hegemony

While the traditional world remains focused on the military instability of the Middle Eastern scene, another area will most probably shift into world attention...

2011 Flashpoints: Asia – ‘String Of Pearls’ Is Securing China’s Sea...

2nd Article in the 2011 Flashpoint - Asia Series | A major player in the Asian scene is the Peoples Republic of China. This rising...

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