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Russian Arms in the War on Terror

At the Army-2017 exhibition near Moscow, the Russian arms industries are promotiong the latest weapons and systems tested in combat in Syria. Unlike similar events in the west, the Russian weapons are demonstrated in daily live firing demonstrations throughout the week long event.

Russian Fullback (Su-34) Marks First Combat Mission over Syria

Despite the Russian declared intention to assist fighting ISIS in Syria, NATO defense officials are concerned of the Russian military buildup in the country

Russian Air Force to Get more Su-34s by Year’s End

Sukhoi Company conducted flight tests of serial Su-34 fighter bombers at the Chkalov Aviation Production Association (NAPO) flight testing station in Novosibirsk, prior to...

Russia to Triple Defense Procurement Spending by 2013

Details on the planned Russian defense spending for 2012 were revealed last week, during a Parliament debate on defense spending, when Defense committee chairman Viktor...

SU-34 Fullback

The Sukhoi SU-34 (Fullback) is developed to address a Russian Air Force requirement to augment and replace SU-24/24B Fencer. Designed for supersonic penetration of...

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