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Modernizing the Submarine Fleet

As work on the seventh, and last Astute Class attack submarines begins, design work is already underway on the Dreadnought - the future class of submarine that will become Britains' strategic nuclear-powered missile submarine in the 2030s.

North Korea launches a Ballistic Missile from a Submarine

North Korea launched what appeared to be a ballistic missile from a submarine in the East Sea Saturday, the South Korean military said. South Korea's defence ministry said the missile, fired from a submarine in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), flew around 30 kilometres (18 miles) and that the test showed "certain technological progress" in the North's SLBM capability.

Rudderless control could bring supersonic submarines from sci-fi to reality

Chinese scientists are studying the applications of supercavitation to propel large bodies underwater at high speed. Scaled up into a full size 'supersonic submarine', such vessel could make the distance from Shanghai China to San Francisco, CA in less than two hours.

Innovative underwater camera could transform future submarines’ sensors

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology are developing a ‘virtual periscope’ that could enable submariners to look at objects floating of flying above...

Compact Sub Design Revive Russian-Italian Cooperation

The Russian shipbuilder Rubin plans to update its S-1000 submarine design introduced in 2004 under cooperation with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. The 1,000 ton...

MOD Releases Funds for More Astute Class Submarines

// The UK MOD has committed £2.7 billion for continued work on the Royal Navy future attack submarines. The programme, which has been beset...

Brazil to Construct Five French Designed Submarines

The French based shipyard DCSN will construct four conventional-propulsion submarines for the Brazilian Navy under a program worth 6.790 billion euros. The agreement followed...

Germany Cancels Submarine Contract with Greece

The German shipyard Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), from Kiel, Germany, and its Greek subsidiary Hellenic Shipyards S.A. (HSY), of Skaramangas, Athens, announced the cancellation...

DCNS Promotes Three Submarine Classes at IMDEX

DCNS, he supplier of the six new frigates recently joining the Singapore Navy has a massive presence at IMDEX. Among the company's leading product...

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