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Supacat’s Advanced Off-Road Platforms – Mobile Fires, Autonomous Hybrid Vehicle

Supacat, Rheinmetall Defence and SCISYS have partnered to showcase at DSEI 2019 the ‘High Mobility Integrated Fires Capability’. Supacat also demonstrates a hybrid, optionally manned autonomous ATMP developed in cooperation with te University of Exeter

ULCV: In Search of the 21st Century Jeep

The US Army intends to develop and field a new family of specialized vehicles to support 'joint forcible entry' missions. The Ultra Light Combat Vehicle (ULCV) general-purpose troop carrier is the highest priority in this plan. Fast, agile and safe to drive on and off road, ULCV will provide troops the survivability and protection by avoiding the roads vulnerable to IEDs and ambushes, gaining freedom of movement by traversing more concealed and unpredictable routes.

Supacat Debut the LRV 400 Light Recce Vehicle at DSEI 2013

Supacat is launching the Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 (LRV 400) at the DSEi 2013 exhibition opened in London today. The vehicle is designed as...

Supacat Delivers Enhanced SOV to Australia

Supacat HMT Extenda selected for the Australian Special Forces retains a high level of commonality with the Australian Army’s existing `Nary` HMT fleet, delivered by Supacat in 2009, it also provides improved capabilities, particularly, in the areas of crew protection and vehicle versatility.

Supacat’s Introduces a Military Version of the Wildcat Race Car

A new, lightweight, super agile military variant of the Rally Raid proven Wildcat is introduced for military and special operations applications at DSEi 2011 as part of the Supacat special purpose vehicle family. The new Wildcat offers a high performance, off road vehicle for special forces, border patrol, reconnaissance, rapid intervention and strike roles.

Supacat Matures a Production Version of SPV400 to Addres International Demand...

Despite the LPPV setback Supacat continued to develop the SPV400 light protected patrol vehicle to meet international demand for this new class of vehicle in military and non-military markets.

SUPACAT Introduces the SPV400 Light Armored Vehicle

The new vehicle is one of the contenders for the UK MoD LPPV Program The all-terrain vehicle producer Supacat launched the new light armored vehicle Supacat...

Innovative Designs Pursue new Opportunities for Light Patrol Vehicle

Armored vehicle designers and manufacturers in the UK are scrambling to develop light armored vehicles aimed to replace the lightly armored 4x4 Land Rover...

Supacat Protected Vehicle (SPV)

Supacat is addressing the LPPV requirement by introducing the new Supacat Protected Vehicle (SPV) Series, enhancing the company’s successful range of high mobility vehicles. The 4x4 SPV...

New Jackal 2 in Afghanistan by Autumn 2009

After encountering excessive casualties with light weapon carriers Land-Rovers, (WMIK), the British Ministry of defence (MoD) responded to an Urgent Operational request to send...

Air Mobile Trucks

Start < Page 3 of 3 > The Pinzgauer, in service with the British elite and Special Forces, are designed to fit inside a C-130, CH-47 Chinook...

Portee Artillery Support vehicle

// Portee is comprised of a 155mm/39 calibre M777 towed lightweight artillery system and a purpose-built portee 8x6 version of the Supacat...

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