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Liaoning Commissioned into Chinese Navy Service

China's first Aircraft Carrier Liaoning ready for the commissioning celebration Sept 25, 2012
China's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning" was commissioned to China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) on September 25, 2012 – fourteen years after the hull ‘Varyag’ was recovered from the naval scrapyard in the Ukraine

Asia Pacific Defense Update – december 5, 2011

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China’s J-15 New Carrier Based Fighter Get Ready for More Test...

China is moving forward in completing the refurbishment of Shi Lang, the first aircraft carrier for its navy, and has recently unveiled (unofficially) the fighter planes to be operating on board, the J-15.

Chinese Carrier Undergoing Final Completion at Dalian

According to a US Congressional Research, the ex-Soviet carrier is expected to become operational in two years as a training carrier supporting the first...

2011 Flashpoints: Asia – ‘String Of Pearls’ Is Securing China’s Sea...

2nd Article in the 2011 Flashpoint - Asia Series | A major player in the Asian scene is the Peoples Republic of China. This rising...

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