Air Defense Systems at Defendory 2006


Based on its past commercial success in Greece, the Russian air defense display was equally impressive, including the mobile, long-range Antey-2500 and S-300PMU2 Favorit, medium-range Buk-M1-2, and short-range Tor-M1 with its modular version, and the new Pantsir-S1 air defense gun/missile system which recently won its first order, from the UAE. Also on display was the Polyana-D4M1, an automated command and control system, providing battle management integrating various types of air defense systems under a unified command and control network.

Following the success of Tor M1 in international markets, Russia is now promoting its companion system, Buk-M1-2 medium-range air defense missile system, which is considered to be the follow-on to the ubiquitous SA-6 Gadfly. According to the manufacturer, BUk M1-2 is capable of defeating, strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles, as well as tactical ballistic, anti-radiation and air-launched missiles. The system is claimed to be resistant to electronic countermeasures and anti-radiation attack weapons. Capitalizing on the popularity of the SA-3 system, a remnant of the arms proliferation strategy of the Soviet era, Moscow is now marketing an upgrade program for the Pechora (SA-3) system.

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