The largest military parade in 20 years took place in Moscow May 9, 2009. Over 100 military vehicles, 70 aircraft and 8000 soldiers paraded in Moscow commemorating V Day, the victory over Nazi Germany, May 9, 1945.

The military hardware demonstration begins on the min. 39 of the video below, visible are BTR-80 wheeled APCs, BMP-3, T-90 tanks, 2S25 Sprut-SD (125mm) amphibious tank destroyers and 2S19 Msta-S 152mm self propelled howitzers and 300mm Smerch self propelled multiple rocket launchers.

The air defense segment begins on Min. 41 with SA-17 BUK-MS-400 mobile anti-aircraft missile carriers. Among the ballistic missiles on parade, SS-26 Iskander-M and SS-24 Topol ICBMs are visible on min. 42:30′. The land systems display was concluded by an aerial flypast of helicopters, including flag carrying Mi-8/17, four Ka-50 Aligator (min. 45) escorting a Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter, Mi-35, and three Mi-28 helicopter gunships, recently added to the military (min. 45).

The air force segment was opened by a five-ship formation of Su-25 (min. 46), Antonov An-124 escorted by four Su-27 (min. 47), an Il-78 AWACS also escorted by Su-27s. The aerial display continued with demonstration of aerial refueling of two Su-24s from an Il-76 (min. 48) followed by a Tu-95 led by an Il-76 tanker, escorted by four MiG-29s. They were followed and Tu-160 bomber, escorted by four MiG-31s and a three aircraft formation of white painted Tu-22 (min. 49). A combined arrowhead formation comprised four six Su-27 and two MiG-29 fighters.

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