Russian Arms on Parade in Moscow


The largest military parade in 20 years took place in Moscow May 9, 2009. Over 100 military vehicles, 70 aircraft and 8000 soldiers paraded in Moscow commemorating V Day, the victory over Nazi Germany, May 9, 1945.

The military hardware demonstration begins on the min. 39 of the video below, visible are BTR-80 wheeled APCs, BMP-3, T-90 tanks, 2S25 Sprut-SD (125mm) amphibious tank destroyers and 2S19 Msta-S 152mm self propelled howitzers and 300mm Smerch self propelled multiple rocket launchers.

The air defense segment begins on Min. 41 with SA-17 BUK-MS-400 mobile anti-aircraft missile carriers. Among the ballistic missiles on parade, SS-26 Iskander-M and SS-24 Topol ICBMs are visible on min. 42:30′. The land systems display was concluded by an aerial flypast of helicopters, including flag carrying Mi-8/17, four Ka-50 Aligator (min. 45) escorting a Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter, Mi-35, and three Mi-28 helicopter gunships, recently added to the military (min. 45).

The air force segment was opened by a five-ship formation of Su-25 (min. 46), Antonov An-124 escorted by four Su-27 (min. 47), an Il-78 AWACS also escorted by Su-27s. The aerial display continued with demonstration of aerial refueling of two Su-24s from an Il-76 (min. 48) followed by a Tu-95 led by an Il-76 tanker, escorted by four MiG-29s. They were followed and Tu-160 bomber, escorted by four MiG-31s and a three aircraft formation of white painted Tu-22 (min. 49). A combined arrowhead formation comprised four six Su-27 and two MiG-29 fighters.