Israeli smart multi-sensor counters IEDs

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing a advanced Counter IED and Mine Suite (CIMS) designed to protect route clearance and lead elements spearheading combat manoeuvre forces operating in areas challenged by IED and mine.

Remotely Controlled Flail Assists Counter-IED, Demining Missions

MV4 flail robot demonstrates the destruction of UXO
The US Army has been using the M160 remotely controlled flail robot built by the Croatian company DOK-ING in Afghanistan for route clearance missions.

New LIDAR for the TALON

QinetiQ North America is unveiling at AUSA a new version of its TALON counter IED robot. The TALON V is designed to be stronger, more versatile and interoperable with third party components that gives the soldier more flexibility and options to carry out the mission at hand.

Eight Groups to Research Futuristic Combat Vehicle Technologies for DARPA

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded technology research contracts to eight companies under the agency's Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program, seeking to deliver crew/vehicle survivability through means other than traditional heavy passive armor solutions. DARPA expects these capabilities will be applicable to future ground combat vehicles, improving their combat efficiency and reduce cost. “We’re exploring a...

Mission Master Multi-Mission UGV – Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall Mission Master UGV (MMUGV) uses the 8x8 Avenger manufactured by Argo of Canada as a wheeled platform, designed to support troops on dismounted operations, providing logistic transport, surveillance, protection, medical evacuation, fire suppression, CBRN detection, and communication relay.

France Transforms Counter-Mine System for Counter-IED Missions

Following several years of development of a complex and ambitious route-clearing counter-mine system, the French Army has halted the original program, transforming the available assets to better cope with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Afghanistan.

IAI Develops an Advanced Counter-Mine & IED UGV

  Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Ramta's Division is developing an unmanned ground penetrating radar sensor designed to detect deep buried and surface-laid mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The system designated Mines and IED Detection System (MIDS) has completed the last phase of engineering testing and have begun building a technology demonstrator. The demonstrator is slated to be ready for...

CARPET – New Mine Breaching System Based on Fuel-Air Explosive (FAE)

Israel's weapon development company Rafael is producing a minefield breaching system called “Carpet”. The system is currently in use by the Israeli Army and will be fielded with the French Army by 2007. The system is a unique implementation of fuel-air explosive technology. It is an autonomous add-on kit that can be quickly fitted in the field to any armored vehicle....

Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle on display at DSEI

BAE Systems’ Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle, the latest vehicle to be accepted into service with the British Army, is on display at BAE System's at DSEI 2013. Terrier has been designed with an integrated electronic architecture which facilitates ‘drive-by-wire’ and remote control making the vehicle highly capable, survivable and adaptable. David Bond, Managing Director of Combat Vehicles (UK) said: “With...

GDLS Selected to develop Namer Armored Personal Carriers for Israel

Israel's Defense Ministry has awarded General Dynamics a contract to build 600 Namer (leopard in Hebrew) armored personnel carriers (APC) over the next eight years. The competitive procurement process was for the production of Merkava APC hulls, material kit sets and integration of the kits to the vehicle chassis. General Dynamics expects to complete contract negotiations by the end of...

Buffalo Armored Vehicle

Counter IED Vehicle - Technical Solution Group (TSG) The Buffalo heavily armored EOD vehicle follows the South African monocoque capsule protection concept with US manufactured automotive platform, offering protection from IEDs and up to 45 pound landmine explosion under any wheel and 30 pound mine explosion under the centerline protection. An upgrade package offers protection from Self Forged Fragmentation (SFF)...

Armor Protected Trucks

Start < Page 2 of 3 > Improved protection is required for utility and logistical vehicles, supply trucks and prime movers. When heavier trucks are concerned, armor protection is simpler and is usually more straightforward than the work associated with lighter vehicles such as the HMMWV, since trucks can trade off some of their cargo capacity for the additional protection; especially as such...

Latrun 2010 Exhibition – SIBAT Force Protection Focus Day

Following are first impressions from today's exhibition at Latrun, Israel.                              

BAE Systems to Modernize Bradley Vehicles through $47 Million Contract

BAE Systems recently received a $47 million contract modification to modernize 95 M2/M3 Bradley armored vehicles, through the reset process - replacing old and damaged components with updated equipment and technology. “As the mission and combat environments for our soldiers are changing, we are working to provide a modernized Bradley Fighting Vehicle that continues to perform at an optimal...

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