DARPA to Test new Lightweight Armor Solutions from Kairos

Kairos Partners, Inc announced today it was selected by DARPA to participate in the “Armor Challenge for Vehicles” with its new lightweight vehicle armor. The solution proposed by Kairos uses cutting edge technologies which combine metal matrix composites (MMCs) and three-dimensionally woven fiber composites into a uniquely effective passive armor solution that can be produced in any shape or...

Mobile / Tactical High Energy Laser (M-THEL) Technology Demonstration Program

The fixed-site version Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL) THEL, was developed by TRW Inc. under a $89 million contract. During several tests in the USA, the system has shot down 25 Katyusha rockets, but has not been deployed. The system also known as Nautilus, has not progressed much since the end of the demonstration program,...

Israel at Defexpo 2016

Twenty-eight Israeli companies will present a wide range of advanced technologies – many of them operational – including sophisticated sensors and systems protecting borders and sensitive facilities, robotic and automotive logistics, electro-optics for artillery and infantry, airborne satellite communications, fire control solutions, tactical medical equipment, and more. See Defense-Update video coverage of Defexpo.

Boeing Tests an Airborne Laser System on C-130

Boeing has successfully completed the first ground test of the entire weapon system integrated aboard the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) aircraft, a modified C-130H, achieving a key milestone in the ATL Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration program. During the test held last week (Aug. 7) at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., the ATL aircraft fired its high-energy chemical laser through the beam...

Army, Marines invite proposals for a new light combat vehicle

The Joint Tactical Light Vehicle program moves forward on schedule - on Friday December 12, 2014 the US Army released to three potential suppliers a final version Request for proposal for the procurement of 55,000 armored vehicles, clearing the way for contenders AM General, Lockheed Martin and Oshkosh Defense to submit proposals.

Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GL-SDB) tested in Sweden

Boeing and the Saab Group have conducted a feasibility test launching a Small Diameter Bomb (SDB I) GPS guided aerial bomb from coupled to an M-26 rocket launched from an MLRS rocket launcher. The Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) allows the artillery system to reach targets from significantly longer distances, and engage hard-to-reach targets, while maintaining the Small Diameter Bomb’s flight maneuverability and accuracy.

Boeing Conducts First Flight Test of the CHAMP Cyber Missile

A recent weapons flight test in the Utah desert may change future warfare after the missile successfully defeated electronic targets with little to no collateral damage.

Ionatron Establishes Military Laser Group

Ionatron (NASDAQ: IOTN) announced the establishement of a new organization focused on the development, engineering, production and support of specialty lasers for military, aerospace, and security customers. Ionatron’s Laser Group (“ILG”) will be located in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been staffed by an experienced team of engineers and technicians with expertise in the design, engineering and production of...

Long Live the Fighting Falcon!

The U.S. Air Force authorized extending BY 50 percent the service life of the Lockheed Martin F-16 enabling operators of the Fighting Falcon to safely fly Block 40-52 aircraft to 2048 and beyond

First Meteor BVRAAM launched from Rafale

France has performed the first launch and flight test of the 'Meteor' beyond visual range air-to-air missile from a Rafale combat jet. The missile is expected to be fielded in 2018 with the first batch of upgraded Rafale F3-R, which will also be fitted with RBE2 AESA radar and advanced Infrared Search Track system, enabling long-range engagement of hostile targets.

Merkava Mk 4 – A Growing Family of AFVs

Heavyweights are Adapting to LIC Start < Page 4 of 5 > Based on the lessons learned in Lebanon since 1982, the IDF has pursued the development of heavy armored personnel carriers capable of keeping pace with the Merkava tanks while withstanding the same levels of threats. Initially, the IDF converted turretless T-55 and Centurion hulls into heavy APCs. These vehicles were produced...

Germany to use Heron 1 UAVs to Support UN Peacekeepers in Mali

The German forces will soon deploy Heron 1 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to Mali. Airbus Defense and Space announced yesterday it had signed a contract with the German Defence Procurement Agency (BAAInBw) to provide such surveillance drones in support of the Bundeswehr missions in Africa.

Compact INMARSAT SATCOM Extends Tactical UAVs Range, Performance

Cobham SATCOM has developed what is claimed to be the smallest and lightest Inmarsat UAV satcom solution. Mounted within the airframe and measuring 24cm x 16cm x 6cm, the AVIATOR UAV 200 delivers up to 200 kbps data and full, real-time control of data channels.

GNAT for VxWorks 6.6 SMP Sets AdaCore for Multi-Core Processors

Developer of AdaCore Ada tools and support also announced the availability of its GNAT Pro product for the Wind River’s VxWorks 6.6 SMP product. AdaCore provides an advanced Ada development environment to maximize the systems' multi-processing capability with multi-core processors. Multi-core technology is the next transformative technology for the Device Software Optimization (DSO) industry. “Ada was designed from the start...