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Following Myanmar, Pakistan is Eager to Sell More JF-17s

Colombo is likely to drop its plan to buy 10 new JF-17 fighter jets from Pakistan, following intensive Indian pressure to drop the deal, that would have cost $400 million.

Poland is interested in an Indo-Israeli naval air defense systems

Israel and India are offering advanced, multi-mission phased array radar systems and Medium Range Surface to Air Missile (MRSAM) naval air defense systems to Poland. Both countries have already implemented the system with their respective navies. Warsaw has yet to specify its requirement for air defense systems for its future fleet.

Cyber Intelligence Report – August 1, 2014

In this edition: Chinese cyber espionage campaign against Israel | Anonymous false claims | Canada accuses China of cyber attacks | US House passes two bills on cyber security | International operation against leading Russian cyber criminals | Russia offered $111,000 for cracking TOR anonymity | Azerbaijan becoming part of anti-phishing workshop group | Iran to hold cyber security exhibition | Qatar behind Hamas cyber advancement

Russia, Southern Republics Opt for Israeli UAVs

Russia could be buying more unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel as part of a new $50 million package negotiated with Israel’s third UAV manufacturer Aeronautics.

Israel, Azerbaijan sign $1.6 Billion Arms Deal

Israel has concluded a major arms deal with Azerbaijan selling the central Asian country advanced missile defense systems, air defense systems and unmanned aerial systems to Azerbaijan, as part of a US$1.6 billion arms package.

Elbit Systems to Upgrade Asian Tanks with BMS, Optronics

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that it was awarded an approximately $56 million tank upgrade contract from a customer in Asia. The tank upgrade...

Possible joint Russian US anti-missile Defense in Azerbaijan?

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia put forth a counter-offer today to President Bush’s proposed missile defense plan, suggesting that instead of building radar...

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