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Saxony Police Force Receives New Armored Vehicles

The special police unit in Saxony received the Survivor R transport vehicles today, equipping its counter-terror special unit. A second vehicle will follow next week. The acquisition of armored vehicles was part of an extensive €15 million anti-terror package.

Explosive Detection – Beyond the Gateway

Portable, hand-held explosive detectors are extending security measures in areas beyond the ‘sterile zones’ defined by rigid gateways and inspection lines, enabling the routine inspection of employees, suppliers and cargo over large operational areas such as airports, container farms, industrial facilities and highways. Unveiled this week at Milipol 2015, Israel's explosive detection specialist, Laser Detect Systems, outlines how these new sensors, deployed to roadblocks and patrols, can cast an intelligence network able to track the ‘evolution of bombs’ and disrupt the stockpiling of precursory materials, thus preventing their transformation into devastating car bombs.

Jade Helm 15 – 2 Month Long SpecOps Exercise Starts Today

The U.S. military is launching 'Operation Jade Helm 15' today, a large scale exercise taking place over several states. The Special Operations Command (USASOC) will supply the vast majority of the roughly 1,200 personnel participating in the joint exercise, along with units from the Navy, Marines and the Air Force. The exercise will span over two months, from July 15 through September 15.

Advanced Technology Countering Terror Threats

A number of new technologies spotted By Defense-Update covering breaking news at the Counter Terror Expo that opened today in London.

Counter Terror Expo Professional Briefings Invitation

Four highly specialized security sessions will be held by the DSEi expert team in partnership with Counter Terror Expo 2012, on Wednesday 25th April 2012. Defense-Update readers are invited to take advantage of these complimentary, invitation-only briefings.

Terrorist Threat Outlook in 2012

Counter Terror Expo 2012 delegates are set to discover how the momentous events that have occurred during the past year, will force us to...

Head of Israel’s ‘Shin Bet’ Outlines Israel’s Joint Countering Terror Strategy

yuval diskin
The first decade of the 21st century demonstrated the potential risk of modern terror, and how determined response, led by dedicated personnel, backed by...

AMSTAF – Autonomous, Robotic Security Vehicle

Automotive Robotic Industry is displaying here the AMSTAF robot, an unmanned patrol vehicle developed for security, border patrol, load carrying and casualty evacuation missions....

Head of Israel’s ‘Shin Bet’ Outlines Israel’s Joint Counter-Terror Strategy

Israel's security services required time to adjust and develop new and effective countermeasures to combat the new threat of suicide bombers. The results were...

Combating Terrorism & Crime: Location Tracking via Cellphones

Beside monitoring content and call activity, cellular networks provide powerful location tracking of active subscribers, enabling intelligence and law enforcement agencies to track the...

Combating Terrorism & Crime: Stealth Probes Track Terrorists Online

Communications interception systems are designed to comply with Lawful Interception (LI) delivery standards. These include norms set by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)...

Vision Spheres Probe Rooms for Suspects

Vision Spheres Probe Rooms for Suspects: Technological Solutions Meeting Counter-Terror Indoor Challenges Science fiction motion pictures often describe robot sensors that can prawl building complexes...

Seeing Through Walls

Building Modeling Indoors - Technological Solutions Meeting Counter-Terror Indoor Challenges Recognizing the need to model, and understand the internal structure of a building prior to...

Negotiating the Indoor Maze

Indoor Reconnaissance - Technological Solutions Face the Toughest Counter-Terror Challenge Counter terror operations rely primarily on intelligence warfare. Fortunately, most terror attacks are foiled in...

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