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Guided Missile Attack in Syria Delivers a Clear Message

Syria claimed yesterday that two surface-to-surface missiles launched from Israel struck the military airbase of Al Mezzeh, in a suburb of the capital Damascus, about 56 km from the Golan border. While Israel did not respond to this allegation, the Syrian claim may indicate Israel is maintaining a new precision strike capability, by tactical surface launched rockets, extending its deterrence capability throughout the region – both against adversaries in the close range, as well as the long range.

Rocket Systems for Coastal Defense

An island and coastal defense system uses precision guided rockets to provide Asian maritime and island nations with with the tools to enforce their national sovereignty over remote islands in the disputed archipelagos of the South China Sea.

IMI Explores an Air-launched Derivative of the Extra Rocket

Israel Military Industries (IMI) is exploring a new air launched application of the 300mm Extra guided ballistic surface launched rocket, enabling air forces to perform...

Urban Warfare Requires Specialized Weapons

The Russian company Bazalt has introduced two new members to the RPG family of weapon – the RPG-28 anti-tank tandem rocket and the RMG multi-purpose,...

Trajectory Correction System for Artillery Rockets

Developed to address user requirements for improved accuracy, IMI has developed and successfully deployed a Trajectory Correction System (TCS) that enhances the accuracy of...

Israeli Systems Extend the Reach of Rocket Artillery

Several new systems, recently developed in Israel, reflect a potential change and could lead to re-allocation of responsibilities between the Israel Air Force (IAF)...

EXTRA – Extended range Rocket System

The EXTRA rocket is developed and marketed under cooperation between IMI and IAI/MLM. Equipped with a GPS/INS guidance system, the rocket achieve high accuracy...

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