EXTRA – Extended range Rocket System


The EXTRA rocket is developed and marketed under cooperation between IMI and IAI/MLM. Equipped with a GPS/INS guidance system, the rocket achieve high accuracy at twice the range of standard MLRS (20 to 150 kilometers) carrying twice the warhead weight (warhead of 150 kg compared to 60 kg of standard MLRS). The 430 kg rocket is designed for carriage by a wide range of launching platforms, including the standard two six barrel MLRS pods which will be able to take four EXTRA rockets in two launcher/container pods.

IAI/IMI Extra guided ballistic Rocket Photo: IMI

The rocket uses an aft section fitted with stabilizing fins and a large solid rocket motor. The warhead is built as a modular compartment, designed to carry various types of submunitions or a unitary warhead. For example, EXTRA can carry up to 400 AT/AP Bomblets, scatterable mines, anti-runway munitions and similar loads. The fin mounted control section stores the guidance and control avionics, driving four flight control surfaces for trajectory shaping. The system was developed by IAI as a modular Kit. By adjusting the ballistic trajectory of the rocket to compensate for wind drift and other meteorological effects the system improves the accuracy of the rocket by 4 times the average of unguided MLRS rocket.