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Israel’s Submarines Acquisition – Strategy or Greed?

Stretched along the eastern Mediterranean Sea and linked to the Indian Ocean through the Gulf of Eilat and the Red-Sea, Israel has always strived...

Israel’s Navy New Anti-Ship Missile

Israel’s Navy conducted a successful test firing of a new surface-surface missiles launched from a Saar 5 corvette. The new missile is assumed to be part of an indigenous surface-to-surface missile system developed for the Israeli Navy by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Indo-Israeli Barak 8 Scores Direct Hit on 1st Sea Launch

Israel's Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) conducted today the first full system flight and intercept test of the Barak 8 missile system developed jointly by Israel and India. This was the second time that the Barak-8 missile scores a direct hit, a testament of the system's capability to deal with highly maneuverable targets

Germany reconsiders co-funding Israel’s future OPV fleet

The Israel Ministry of Defense has called off an international tender for the supply of four Offshore patrol Vessels for the Israel Navy after Germany said it will reconsider sharing the construction costs if the contract is handed to a German shipyard

Panther on Israeli navy’s ships?

Paris Le Bourget, 19 June 2013: The Israel navy will evaluate the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Panther tilt rotor unmanned air system (UAS) for...

Israel’s Navy Receives the Fifth Dolphin Submarine

Israel received today the fifth Dolphin-Class submarine. "INS Rahav" will arrive in Israel during the course of 2013, upon the completion and installation of its relevant systems.

Israel Navy Intercepts Missile Loaded Cargo Vessel Bound for Gaza

This morning Israeli Naval vessels intercepted the Liberian flagged cargo ship ‘Victoria’ about 200 miles west of the Israeli coast. By first daylight, Naval commandos that boarded the vessel uncovered the weapons cached in Victoria's cargo bay.

Israeli Corvettes to Assume Extended Air Defense Role

Israel is interested in acquiring two corvette size ships to extend its naval operational capabilities. Fielding the new IAI Barak 8 Extended Range Air...

Israel Turns to Germany for Naval Stealth Ships

Israel is interested in acquiring two corvette size ships to extend its naval operational capabilities. After analyzing the U.S. Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Israel decided...

Israel Navy Successfully Tests an Upgraded Barak Anti-Missile System

The Israel Navy conducted a successful test firing of the Barak anti-missile system, featuring an improved version of the missile that includes upgrades to...

Gabriel 5 Anti-Ship Missile System

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is working on a new anti-ship missile designed as a primary armament for naval vessels. With dimensions similar to the Exocet and...

Fast Patrol Boats from Israel

Two designs are offered by Israel Shipyards and IAI/Ramta. Both are under production for the Israel Navy, as part of the coast guard modernization...

Shaldag MkII Fast Patrol Boat

Shaldag Mk-II class Fast Patrol Boat is the latest version of the original design, launched in 1989. Constructed of welded marine aluminum structure, 24.80...

Super Dvora Mk III Fast Patrol Boat

Manufacturer: Israel Aircraft Industries / Ramta Super Dvora Mk. III is the latest generation of the venerable Dvora/Dabur family of fast patrol boats (FPB). Selected...