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DEFEXPO 2018 HIGHLIGHTS – Unmanned Systems

The fourth part of our photo report highlighting UAV topics from the DEFEXPO 2018 exhibition in India.

Future Drones: Teams, Squadrons and Swarms of Bots

As robotic machines become intelligent and autonomous, human-machine and machine-machine teaming (MUMT and Swarms) will become the norm in military operations - a trend that military planners already address in their forecast, research and development roadmaps.

IAI Introduces a Loitering Weapon Optimized for Maritime Attack

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a Maritime version of its Harop Loitering Munitions (LM) family. The company is displaying the weapon at the...

Enhanced, Switchblade to Use Immune, Digital Datalink

AeroVironment and Orbital ATK announced the completion of development of a block upgrade for the Switchblade tactical missile system, improving the weapon's datalink with a new, encrypted digital data-link. AeroVironment has teamed with Orbital ATK to produce the advanced warhead for the weapon.

IAI’s ROTEM – Tactical Multirotor Killer Drone

IAI MBT has designed as a small, quad-rotor based loitering weapon called ROTEM, that is uniquely built to support dismounted combatants and special operations in urban warfare, offering effective, indirect observation and engagement of targets from an elevated position.

Nemesis Man-Portable Missile Extends Precision Strike to 12 kilometers

Lockheed Martin performed a successful flight demonstration of a company funded lightweight, precision guided weapon called Nemesis. In the first two tests, Nemesis demonstrated vertical launch, GPS navigation to targets located at distances of eight and 12 kilometers. The third GPS guided test aimed at short range target only 100 meters away from the launcher

MBDA Introduces Futuristic UAV Weapon Approach

MBDA unveiled today a new member of its ‘Concept Vision’ system ideas, a futuristic weapon systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) the company’s scientists consider could mature in the next 20 year timeframe.

British Army Sets to Deploy Fire Shadow Loitering Weapons to Afghanistan...

Following successful firing trials MBDA is preparing to deliver the first Fire Shadow firing units to the British Army. The new loitering weapon could be deployed to Afghanistan by early 2012, significantly extending the reach, coverage and persistent of current artillery fires.

Delilah Addresses India’s Requirement for Air-Launched Loitering Weapons

An increasing demand for precision guided weapons, driven by the network-enabled revolution, and essential needs for defensive systems are creating significant demand for the...

Switchblade – Miniature Loitering Weapon

During the mid-2000s DARPA, later followed by the U.S. Air Force esearch Lab, promoted research and development of technologies related to the use of...

IAI Gets $100 Million Contract for HAROP Killer Drones

Officially unveiling the HAROP loitering weapon at the Paris Air Show, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has announced receiving a contract to supply the HAROP Loitering Munition (LM) system to...

Delilah – The IAF Loitering Missile

For over 20 years Delilah was officially defined as a 'Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) powered decoy, but behind the curtain of secrecy, the Israel...

New Lightweight Missiles are Tailored for Asymmetric Warfare

Modern weapons are no longer compared on the size and power of their warheads. In a world where illusive targets take cover amongst innocent...

Fire Shadow Loitering Munition Demonstrated in First Flight

The new loitering munition developed for the British Army was flown for the first time on the 30th April. With this milestone the Fire Shadow...