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Pakistan: P3C Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft Inducted

The Pakistan Navy inducted another P3C Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft in its aviation fleet, received from USA under Security Assistance Program.

US: Taliban Attack Didn’t Compromise Pakistani Nukes

Despite rumors that nuclear weapons were stored at the base, US officials said that the country's nuclear stockpile were never in danger of falling into Taliban hands. Pakistani military officials also confirmed there were no nuclear weapons being housed at Minhas.

Challenging Times for UAV Operations over Pakistan

In a step further deteriorating relations between Pakistan and NATO, Islamabad announced today its air defense forces will shoot down any aircraft, manned or unmanned, penetrating its borders, turning the airspace over Waziristan along the Pakistan-Afghanistan borderline into a 'contested access' airspace for aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Middle East Defense Update – Nov. 18, 2011

Disagreements on Commercial Terms Reverses UAE’s Choice of Rafale | Egypt to Renew M-1A1 Tanks Production | IDF is Fielding a new Tactical Intelligence Collection Vehicle | Talon Guided Rockets Complete Qualification Tests | UAE Considers APG-80 AESA Radar Upgrades | Oman to Receive Mica VL Naval & Land Based Air Defense Systems | Kuwait - Technical/Logistics Support for F/A-18 Aircraft | Israel Tests a New Ballistic Missile

Asia Pacific Defense Update – October 6, 2011

Korean Daewoo Expects to win a US$1.1 billion Indonesian Submarine Contract | Decision Time for M-MRCA | India to test 5,000 km Agni-5 IRBM by December | The Iranian Navy to get a new ‘Compact’ Submarine Next Year | ITT Packs new EW Pods for Pakistani F-16s | Australian Bushmasters get Upgraded Protection | Indonesia Considers Buying 24 Ex-USAF F-16C/Ds | Airbus Military, PT DI Indonesian to Modernize C295 Manufacturing Process

A New Bird of Prey Soaring over Western Afghanistan?

Pakistani sources claimed an unidentified, bird shaped UAV suspected to be an American surveillance drone, crashed in southwestern Pakistan on 25 August at the town of Chaman near the Afghan border.

Updated: New Sanctions Curtail Iranian Support to al Qaeda in Pakistan,...

The U.S. Treasury Department is accusing the Iranian authorities of aiding al Qaeda.

U.S. Operatives Kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden

The ten years long chase after al Qaeda leader is over. Osama bin Laden is dead, killed by U.S. operatives. The number one international terrorist was located in a new (five year old) compound located at the town of Abottabad in Pakistan, about 50 km north of the capital Islamabad.

Pakistan Tests Ra’ad (HATF VIII) Air-Launched Cruise Missile

Pakistan conducted a successful flight test of the indigenously developed Ra'ad Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) also designated Hatf-VIII. the nuclear capable Raad has a range of over 350 km; its accuracy is sufficient to effectively attack hardened targets delivering conventional warheads.

Pakistan Tests HATF IX Nuclear-Capable Short Range Tactical Guided Weapon

Pakistan has tested a nuclear-capable tactical missile dubbed HATF IX (also known as Nasr). The missile was developed as a ‘quick response weapon’, two...

Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Hatf-VII Cruise Missile

Pakistan successfully tested Hatf-VII nuclear-capable cruise missile which flew up to of a range of 600 km. The missile, also called Babur (after the...

Pakistan’s Falcons to Fly Five New Recce Pods

The U.S. Air Force contracted the Goodrich Corporation to equip Pakistan's Air Force Lockheed-Martin F-16 fighters with five DB-110 reconnaissance pods. Goodrich will also assist Pakistan to establish a 'reconnaissance fusion center' supporting the new assets.

Col. Imam: An Alternative View of the Afghan Campaign

Excerpts from the RT interview with Former Pakistani ISI Operative, Brigadier Amir Sultan Tarar Brigadier Amir Sultan Tarar AKA 'Colonel Imam', a veteran Pakistan Army...

Double Game of the Secret Coalitions in Pakistan

While coalition forces are fighting alongside with Afghan National Army and police are inching forward to gain control of areas in Helmand, another coalition...

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