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Kongsberg, Patria team to produce turreted mortars in the USA

The Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS and Finland's Patria Oyj have formed a teaming agreement to provide turreted mortar solutions for future U.S. Army mortar programs. Under this agreement the team will promote the turreted mortar and produce the 120mm Patria Nemo, turreted, remote-controlled mortar system in the US.

Hacking a Blackhawk chopper into a gunship

An Israeli robotic assembly turns a standard Blackhawk helicopter into an 'assault gunship', suppressing enemy fire by using remotely controlled the 25mm Bushmaster gun, covering 360 degrees

Raytheon, L-3 demonstrate new ship protection system

Raytheon and L-3 Communications successfully demonstrated a vessel self-protection capability employing laser-guided rockets, that can be employed against swarming attacks of small fast boats. fired...

Remotely Operated Non Lethal Weapon Station

RAFAEL is unveiling at Eurosatory 2012 a new concept for remotely operated station mounting non-lethal weapons. The system, utilizing a standard Samson Junior weapon...

Tactical Remote Turrets to Modernize Slovak APCs?

BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa (BAES) has teamed with PPS Vehicles, a subsidiary of Slovak-based Company SITNO, to offer the Tactical Remote Turret (TRT) for armored vehicle modernization and upgrading programs scheduled by armed forces of the Eastern Europe region.

Amstaff Robot Expands Capabilities as Tactical Support UGV

A new robot at the show is new weaponized version of the Amstaf from Automotive Robotic Industries (ARI). The company has already displayed the security guard version in the past, and the system is currently being evaluated for airport security missions. The combat support vehicle represents ARI's concept of a vehicle combining the fire support and load carrying platform (mule), supporting dismounted infantry teams.

Update: MATRIX Tactical Laser Weapon Demonstrates Counter-Swarm Techniques

Following a U.S. Navy award in March, to build a tactical laser system for naval applications, BAE Systems and Boeing have teamed to develop...

The Boxer Family is Expanding

At Eurosatory 2010 KMW displayed the new infantry fighting vehicle version of the Boxer, equipped with the Lance remote controlled turret (RCT) mounting the Mk44 Bushmaster 30mm automatic cannon, and the FLW200 Independent Commander Weapon System (ICWS) mounting a 7.62 machine gun. Another version recently introduced is the combat repair vehicle, a new configuration responding to requirementf from Afghanistan.

GDLS Europe Introduces New Infantry Fighting Vehicles

General Dynamics Land Systems' Europe is launching the latest member of the PIRANHA family of armored wheeled vehicles, the PIRANHA 5, at Eurosatory 2010....

Panhard and IMI Display Integrated Vehicle Protection Solutions at Eurosatory 2010

Panhard and IMI are cooperating in Eurosatory 2010 to show an integrated display of Panhard vehicles equipped with IMI's Active Protection Systems (APS) and...

Kongsberg Defense Systems

Kongsberg Defense Systems, based in Norway, is a subsidiary of the Kongsberg Group operating in defence, aerospace, oil and gas and merchant marine industry. In 2009,...

Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international defense electronics company with headquarters in Israel. The company operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, C4ISR, UAVs, advanced electro-optics for land, air and space systems, EW, ELINT and missile warning systems, data links and military communications systems and radios.

Implementing Lessons from MRAP

Besides improving off-road mobility and maneuverability, M-ATV will implement lessons learned from the initial operations with MRAP vehicles in theater. For example, the new...

Lethal Presence – Remotely Controlled Sentries Assume Guard Roles

While the US Army and Marine Corps have ordered the CROWS and CROWS II remote weapon stations for their armored fighting vehicles, patrol vehicles...

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