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Robots Join the Army Manned-Unmanned Hunter-Killer Teams

The event demonstrated collaboration of manned and unmanned vehicles conducting a combat mission. Among the unmanned assets included in the demonstration was an all terrain vehicle (ATV) modified with a landing plate on top, to operate a tethered multi rotor UAV and an aut0nomous mortar vehicle that provided direct and indirect fire support for the combat team, using the robots as fire observers, thus establishing a robotic 'hunter-killer' team.

Amstaff Robot Expands Capabilities as Tactical Support UGV

A new robot at the show is new weaponized version of the Amstaf from Automotive Robotic Industries (ARI). The company has already displayed the security guard version in the past, and the system is currently being evaluated for airport security missions. The combat support vehicle represents ARI's concept of a vehicle combining the fire support and load carrying platform (mule), supporting dismounted infantry teams.

Boeing UK, John Deere Introduce the M-Gator A3 Robotic Load Carrier

A robotic load carrier developed by Boeing UK in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturer John Deere and Boeing UK is unveiled today at DSEi 2011. The robotic vehicle called R-Gator A3 Assisted Carriage System (ACS) is based on John Deere’s R-Gator robotic utility vehicle.

Multi-Purpose Mini Robotic Platform

Technological Solutions Meeting Counter-Terror Indoor Challenges An example for a matured miniature robotic platform fully adapted to the urban, indoor and subterranean environment is the...

R-Gator Robotic Tactical Load Carrier

R-Gator is a remotely driven version of John Deer's M-Gator 6x6 vehicle. The vehicle is fitted with robotic control unit modules, installed with INS/GPS...

Crusher Autonomous Vehicle

Crusher is a six-wheeled 6.5 ton autonomous vehicle combining high off-road mobility and autonomous mission handling capabilities. The vehicle is developed by the National...

MULE – Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment

Lockheed Martin's Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment (MULE) autonomous vehicle is developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Army Future Combat Systems program. The vehicle...

Robotic Security Vehicles at AUVSI 2007

One of the most mature applications of robotic vehicles is perimeter security and sentry missions. At AUVSI, three robotic platforms designed for such missions...

Smover Robotic Vehicle Control System from Rheinmetall

The system can be used to convert conventional tactical vehicles into hybrid (manned/unmanned) robotic platforms. Manned vehicles equipped with Smover can be used as...

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