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IAI Develops an Advanced Counter-Mine & IED UGV

  Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Ramta's Division is developing an unmanned ground penetrating radar sensor designed to detect deep buried and surface-laid mines and Improvised...

Pointman Tactical Robot, Surveillance Systems Assist Law Enforcement in Urban, Security...

Many companies develop systems for border security. Some of these were recently showed in a Border Security Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center in...

Lockheed Martin’s SMSS Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Operates Via Satellite Control

Gyrocam M9 stabilized EO sensor mounted on a telescopic mast carried on the SMSS robotic platform.
Lockheed Martin completed demonstrated the capability to control the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) robotic vehicle beyond line of sight. The demonstration took place...

AUVSI 2012 Photo Report

AUVSI Israel 2012 opened in Tel Aviv today, gathering over 500 participants, 43 exhibitors and an impressive roster of speakers and presenters from across all industry and military branches. some are depicted in the following photo report. In the exhibit halls, a number of new systems were displayed for the first time. A more detailed review on some of the systems will follow soon.

International Conference on Unmanned Systems – AUVSI Israel 2012

For four decades Israel’s aerospace industries are maintaining their world leading position in the field of unmanned systems. The upcoming International Conference on Unmanned Systems will offer international delegates a unique insight into one of the country's most competitive fields of expertise.

REX, a Robotic Mule from IAI

IAI is introducing a small robotic mule platform called REX, designed to support infantry teams in dismounted operations. The robotic platform employs a simplified, specially developed method to recognize the path of its leading soldier, following the team’s path with high accuracy using ‘virtual bread crumbs’ the leading soldier leaves behind him.

Metal Storm Introduces a Non-Lethal / Lethal Weapon System Based on...

Metal Storm has introduced today the ‘Fury’, a new member of the ‘FireStorm’ weapon system family, designed as a High Intensity Multi-Barrel Weapon Systems, mounting up to 30 barrels, each packing up to six projectiles.

iRobot Introduces a New Mini-Robot

iRobot has unveiled pre-production prototypes of its latest new product, the iRobot 110 FirstLook unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). This small, light and throwable robot provides hasty situational awareness, performs persistent observation and investigates confined spaces.

Cobham Acquires German EOD-Robot Specialist Telerob

U.K. based Cobham plc announced today the acquisition of Telerob GmbH, a German-based manufacturer of bomb disposal robots. Cobham is paying EUR 78 million...

Smaller, More Powerful Snake Robot Demonstrated by Technion Lab

Snake Robot
Researchers at the BioRobotics and BioMechanics Labortory (BRML) or Israel Technion are working on an improved, more robust and agile snake robot that will...

Macro USA

MACRO USA develops and manufactures a range of robotic compact platforms designed for homeland security and military use. Some of the company's prominent products...

Elbit Systems Expands the VIPeR into a Family of Robots

Elbit Systems is expanding its family of man portable unmanned ground systems with the introduction of two new models. During a recent exhibition the company displayed the new robots, in addition to a wide range of advanced land and C4I solutions. The new members of the VIPeR family of intelligent and portable robots include the Mini-VIPeR and Maxi-VIPeR, which join the VIPeR robot, already operational in the Israel Defense Forces under the Hebrew name "Pazit." All VIPeRs are designed for portability and high mobility; the robots are configurable for multiple types of missions by add-on sensors, modules and payloads, tailored to specific tasks.

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