Electrically Fired Munition Launcher


The Metal Strom launcher is packed with electronically initiated, stacked projectiles, eliminating the mechanisms required to fire a conventional weapon. Effectively, the only parts that move in this system are the projectiles contained within the barrels.

Each projectile has its own propellant load, such that the leading propellant can be reliably ignited to fire the projectile, without the resulting high pressure and temperature causing unplanned blow-by ignition of the following propellant load, and without collapse of the projectile column in the barrel.

The barrel is electronically programmable rates of fire from single shots to ultra-rapid rates. Barrels are practically serviceable weapons; they can be grouped in multiple configurations for different applications. For example, different projectiles can be loaded on a single package, offering a single platform and a single gun multiple calibers and multiple lethalities, adaptable to specific situation.