Defense Update Issue II 2007


New Trends in Infantry Combat Gear

Defense Update surveys the latest protection and survivability gear including body armor and helmets, developed for the modern infantry, including new ergonomic bullet-proof vests, fire resistant clothing and microclimate personal cooling systems and load carrying systems, enabling the warfighter to endure andsurvive in combat as well as endure extreme climatic conditions. Among the body armor types covered here are the US Army Interceptor, the controversial Dragon SkinIsrael Defense Forces Hashmonai ergonomic body armor and latest body armor developed for theGround Soldier System program.

Survival with Style – Tactical Eyewear

Defense Update reports on the latest trends in tactical eyewear, protecting the warfighter’s eyesight without compromising look and style. This feature covers modern types of tactical eyewear, problems and limitations associated with prescription glasses and the advantages of Laser refractive eye surgery for the combatant. The article also lists many ballistic protective eyewear approved for use by the US Military.

Infantry Combat Suites

An updated and revised version of our article from October 2004 , rewritten to reflect the new trends in this exciting new field. This feature covers the latest innovations in soldier systems, including protectionergonomics and command and control. Special updates are provided on the latest versions of the US Army Future Force Warrior systems and Ground Soldier System program, the FELIN systemIDzD2S2 and the several new Israeli programs. A follow-on article planned for publication in June will add another dimension to this coverage, with an overview of command and control systems, designed to empower and support the small unit commander and team leader of a modern and ‘future’ infantry unit.

Arming Attack Helicopters for Asymmetric Warfare

Attack helicopters are providing an essential asset for modern warfare, but high vulnerability to ground fire and limited weapons choice and issues of communications, affecting their integration into the ground combat . Defense Update reviews the weapons currently available for helicopter gunships, highlighting the advantages and limitations of ‘fire and forget‘ missiles and ‘man in the loop’ laser guided and electro-optically controlled weapons which are proving their worth in modern asymmetric combat.