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  • Affinity – Taking Flight Training Seriously May 11, 2023Affinity - Taking Flight Training Seriously
    The 50,000 flight hours milestone celebrated by the Royal Air Force and the Affinity Group was an important achievement for the company. In only seven years, Affinity evolved from a ten-employee startup to a group of 180 professional personnel operating a fleet of 42 aircraft training aircraft in three bases, supporting the elementary, basic, and multi-engine pilots training for the RAF and Royal Navy. With this proven record, Affinity has established itself as a role model for other countries looking for a similar approach to military training.
  • IAI Introduces: BLUE WHALE Large AUV May 5, 2023IAI Introduces: BLUE WHALE Large AUV
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a large autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) called BLUE WHALE designed for covert intelligence gathering in the sea and coastal waters. The AUV can perform a significant portion of the operations of a manned submarine for several weeks without the need for operators on board. It is equipped with two types of sonars, a radar, EO sensors, and a satellite communications terminal mounted on a telescopic mast.
  • Rafael’s New Naval Air Defense Systems Combat Evolving Threats May 5, 2023Rafael's New Naval Air Defense Systems Combat Evolving Threats
    Israel’s defense company Rafael has recently introduced two new naval air defense systems at IMDEX ASIA 2023 – the NAVAL IRON BEAM, and the C-DOME Mission Module, to augment the defense capabilities of naval forces against evolving threats, including ballistic missiles, guided and unguided rockets, loitering weapons, and drones. These defense systems are cost-effective, complementary, and designed to be integrated into existing air defense systems, expanding air defense coverage.
  • IMDEX ASIA 2023: Innovative Maritime Technologies on Display May 5, 2023IMDEX ASIA 2023: Innovative Maritime Technologies on Display
    IMDEX ASIA 2023 provides an invaluable platform for showcasing the latest advancements in maritime defense technologies crucial for ensuring the safety and security of naval forces in an increasingly complex surface and underwater environment. This review highlights some of the ongoing innovations in the naval sector, from AI applications improving ship safety to underwater inspection solutions.
  • RAFAEL Introduced an Anti-Torpedo Defense Suite for Surface Ships May 5, 2023RAFAEL Introduced an Anti-Torpedo Defense Suite for Surface Ships
    RAFAEL and its partly owned subsidiary DSIT have developed a comprehensive torpedo defense suite for surface ships. The system was unveiled at IMDEX Asia 2023 exhibition. The system is comprised of sensors and countermeasures. Two sensors are included – the MONKFISH provides Torpedo Threat Detection and Alert System (TDAS), and the BLACKFISH hull-mounted sonar (HMS) sensors provide continuous security alerts, detect, classify, track, and alert on incoming torpedoes.
  • EuroTorp’s MU90 Lightweight Torpedo May 4, 2023EuroTorp's MU90 Lightweight Torpedo
    EuroTorp, a consortium formed by three European companies – Naval Group, Thales, and Leonardo, has developed the most advanced lightweight torpedo (LWT) based on the experience and requirements of leading NATO navies. Currently in development, the next version of this LWT will also provide anti-torpedo capability. This capability will be operational by the end of the decade.
  • Securing the Skies: The Advanced BARAK MX Air Defense System May 3, 2023Securing the Skies: The Advanced BARAK MX Air Defense System
    The BARAK MX, IAI’s cutting-edge air defense system, offers a comprehensive solution for modern air and missile defense challenges, providing scalability, flexibility, growth potential, and interoperability. The system was developed to meet Israel’s stringent requirements and is a crucial component of the country’s air defense network.
  • Finland Selects David’s Sling for its New Air and Missile Defense System Apr 6, 2023Finland Selects David's Sling for its New Air and Missile Defense System
    The Finnish Ministry of Defense has informed the Israeli Ministry of Defense of its decision to procure the David’s Sling Weapon System (DSWS), an advanced air‐defense system. This is the first export sale of the David’s Sling Weapon System to a foreign military.
  • Sig Sauer Inc. Acquires Israeli Robotics Expert General Robotics Mar 20, 2023Sig Sauer Inc. Acquires Israeli Robotics Expert General Robotics
    Last week (16 March 2023), SIG SAUER announced the acquisition of Israeli robotics expert General Robotics, a world-leading manufacturer of lightweight, remote weapon stations and tactical robotics. According to Dan Cohen, SIG Sauer Inc. CEO, combining General Robotics’ remote weapons station with SIG SAUER’s lightweight squad weapons and high-pressure hybrid ammunition could revolutionize small arms for military forces worldwide.
  • IFVs – Essential Components for NATO’s Forward Presence Mar 15, 2023IFVs - Essential Components for NATO's Forward Presence
    Can rapid fielding of modern and mature 8×8 IFVs reduce the risk and enhance the combat agility of NATO’s Eastern front? The combat experience gathered in the Ukraine War reflects the need for agile land combat systems that effectively integrate maneuverability and firepower and rely on logistical support from domestic or neighboring allied countries. How can NATO get them quickly? Marrying proven systems and platforms delivered by trusted sources from active production lines is paramount in reducing risks and accelerating delivery and fielding.
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