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The Chinese Defense Industry Market

Opportunities and Entry Strategies, Analyses and Forecasts to 2016 China’s defense budget is one of the largest in the world, second only to the US. In addition, China has a rapidly expanding presence in the international arms export market. The Chinese defense budget is expected...

European Defense Update – November 18, 2011

MEADS Air Defense System Progresses Despite Uncertain Future | Italy Accepts First T-346 Advanced Jet Trainer | German Government to Own Part of EADS | Secure Positioning from Saab | Cassidian to Maintain Spanish Air Force C130

Middle East Defense Update – Nov. 18, 2011

Disagreements on Commercial Terms Reverses UAE’s Choice of Rafale | Egypt to Renew M-1A1 Tanks Production | IDF is Fielding a new Tactical Intelligence Collection Vehicle | Talon Guided Rockets Complete Qualification Tests | UAE Considers APG-80 AESA Radar Upgrades | Oman to Receive Mica VL Naval & Land Based Air Defense Systems | Kuwait - Technical/Logistics Support for F/A-18 Aircraft | Israel Tests a New Ballistic Missile

U.S. & Canada Defense Update

SDB II Tested With Production Tri-Mode Seeker | Adaptive Optics to Sharpen High Energy Laser Beams | Boeing Receives $1.7B for 7 More US Navy P-8A Poseidon Aircraft | Lockheed Martin to Maintain PTDS Aerostats

Russia & CIS Defense Update – November 16, 2011

65 Yak-130 Trainers for the Russian Air Force | Russia to conduct test launch of Bulava missile in November | Russia Tests New Version of Iskander SSM

The Indian Defense Market

The Indian defense market offers numerous market opportunities to both domestic and foreign manufacturers. As one of the largest defense equipment markets in the world, the country is expected to spend considerably on its military over the forecast period. Due to India’s ageing military systems, the country needs to modernize its equipment, which will lead to an increase in capital expenditure for procuring new defense equipment. The country is also forecast to spend a significant amount of money on homeland security, intelligence and cyber security

European Defense Update – November 1, 2011

Spanish Army to Field Israeli 81mm Cardom Mortars | Finland Considers Buying JASSM, Stingers | Finland Renew Request to Equip Its Hornets with JASSM | Poland Ditches Trainer Tender

U.S. & Canada Defense Update – October 27, 2011

GDLS to Equip Two Brigades with Double-Hull Strykers | Northrop Grumman Delivers Litening G4 Advanced Targeting Pods | Canada to Upgrade LAV III for One Billion US$ | P-8 launches First MK 54 Torpedo

Vietnam – Defense Market Report

Opportunities and Entry Strategies 2011-2016 The Vietnamese defense industry is expected to undergo a period of investment with a considerable increase of expenditure from 2011–2015 (the forecast period), according to a survey by ICD Research. This investment comes from the increasing necessity to improve the...

Iranian Ballistic Missile Scores a Direct Hit on a Target Ship

Iran demonstrated today its capability to hit a floating target with precision guided, short range ballistic missile of the Fatah 110 (M-600) class. Photo: FARS news agency
Iran demonstrated today a new type of short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) based on the Fatah 110 platform, capable of hitting targets at a range of up to 250-300 km with high precision. During an operational demonstration the missile was fired at a target vessel...

U.S. Department of Defense Fears the Budget Axe

The Department of Defense (DOD) budget is facing mounting pressure from both sides of the aisle as lawmakers struggle to rein in trillion-dollar deficits - a market analysis from Forecast International's latest analysis determines. “The extent of the damage remains to be seen, however, as...

LCS Warship Plan: When Does A Split Buy Make Sense?

The U.S. Navy is proposing a change in its plan to acquire a new class of warship called the Littoral Combat Ship. Until this week, the plan of record was to select a winning design from one of two competing teams, with the victorious...

Col. Imam: An Alternative View of the Afghan Campaign

Excerpts from the RT interview with Former Pakistani ISI Operative, Brigadier Amir Sultan Tarar Brigadier Amir Sultan Tarar AKA 'Colonel Imam', a veteran Pakistan Army officer and Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) operative is widely believed to have played a key role in the formation of...

Afghanistan Risks ‘Domino Effect’ After Dutch Pullout

As the campaign in Helmand faces tough opposition from outnumbered and outgunned Taliban, NATO is facing a new threat – this time an internal one. The alliance is fearing a domino effect could follow the Dutch planned pullout from Uruzgan, following the resignation of...

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