Elbit Systems Extends Dismounted C2 System to Infantry Squads and SF Teams

PNR-1000A network radio and the Raptor computing device are the two main elements of Elbit Systems' new Dominator II LD optimized for squad-level C2. The gross weight of the system is 2.2 pounds - less than one kilogram. Photo: Elbit Systems
Elbit Systems of Israel has introduced a subset of the Dominator IICS integrated combat system designed for the dismounted soldier.

Saudi Arabia to Augment its RE-3 Airborne SIGINT Planes with Tactical Special Mission Aircraft

Saudi Arabia has requested to buy eight Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350ER special mission aircraft, packed with airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Common Operation Picture (COP)

Start < Page 7 of 10 > Together, intelligence data and Blue Forces Tracking are fused to generate the digital map based Common Operational Picture (COP), which replaces traditional paper-based situational maps used for many generations. COP provides full and realistic presentation of all players - both hostile and friendly, refreshed in near-real-time updates. The situational picture presents all elements with...

RAPIDFire – An Air Defense Application for the Cased Telescoped Cannon

Air defense guns have been a controversial weapon in the past, as the guns could not cope effectively with fast, highly maneuvering targets. Yet, with the introduction of slow but illusive UAVs, military forces are wiping the dust from their old cannons, in hope they will be effective against this new threat. Merging trends including new types ammunition, cannons...

E-Lynx SDR to Modernize the Swiss Army Mobile Communications

Switzerland has selected Elbit Systems to replace the vehicular tactical radio equipment currently used by the Swiss military. A contract award for the supply of software-defined radios, vehicle intercoms, and headsets is expected to be worth several hundred-millions of Swiss Francs and is subject to Swiss Parliament approvals.

IAI’s Battle Management Solution Changes the Rules of Combat

OPAL - a decentralized battle management system that enables interconnectivity, data sharing in real-time, enables military forces to meet the challenges of the modern combat arena.

ITT Expands Spearhead Family with a new Multiband HF/VHF Software Defined Radio

ITT is expanding the Spearhead family of tactical radios, the company is releasing today the Spearhead HF Radio at the DSEi 2011 exhibition in London.

UK Army Cadet Force Get New Manpack Radios

The U.K. Army completed the induction of a new, tactical radio system known as the Mercury Radio System, that recently achieved Full Operational Capability (FOC). The new radio is now in service with the UK Army Cadet Force (ACF). The Mercury Radio is based on Elbit Systems' PRC-710 and -720 sets.

Canadian Soldiers to Receive Modern, Integrated Soldier Systems

The Canadian government has awarded Rheinmetall Canada an initial contract worth CAD 7 million (€5) for the qualification of Integrated Soldier Systems (ISS) for Canadian military use.

Felin Infantry Combat Suite

FELIN is a modular infantry combat suite, offering efficient ergonomics, autonomy and weight saving. In March 2004 Sagem Defense Systems won the French Defense R&D Directorate (DGA) contract to develop and produce up to 30,000 infantry combat suits, to be fielded with all French Army active infantry regiments by 2010 as part of the future air/ground system of systems...

The Modern Command Post Tactical Operations Center

Start < Page 8 of 10 > Modern command posts are equipped with the latest technology to collect, disseminate, share and present information in clear and informative way CPOF. Current C2 systems offer common office automation services, template based forms, project-based planning, simulation and evaluation tools to plan, brief, control and debrief operations in an effective and timely manner. Large paper-based wall...

AN/PRC-148 (JEM) – JTRS Enhanced Multi-Band Inter/Intra Team Radio

The AN/PRC-148 JTRS Enhanced MBITR, (JEM), is based on the  AN/PRC-148 MBITR developed by Thales Communications. Thales Communications is the prime contractor for the JTRS JEM Program (formerly Cluster 2). JEM Operating Environment is certified Software Communications Architecture SCA 2.2 compliant. SCA is the baseline architecture for future JTRS based software-defined radios. The new radio is also undergoing certification for...

BOWMAN Tactical Communications System

UK's Land Digitization Program is an central enabler for the British Army's Network Enabled Capability (NEC) initiative. The £1.9 billion Bowman program comprises a new family of radios, computers and C3 applications, which will establish the communications and computing infrastructure for existing and future forces. Bowman digital radios are replacing the aging Clansman range of analog radios, in service...

F-22 Enters the Network – Linking IFDL, TTNT, Link 16

The U.S. Air Force says it has successfully tested a classified information transmission technology from two F-22 Raptor 5th generation fighter aircraft to ground stations at the recent Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment (JEFX 08) exercise at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and Langley Air Force Base in Virginia with new tactical targeting network technology under development by Rockwell Collins. Due to...