Benelux Invest $150 million in Infantry Smart Vests

Elbit Systems announced today that its subsidiary, Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. was awarded a contract from the Dutch Ministry of Defense, to supply 'Smart Vests' to equip the infantry soldiers in the Benelux countries – Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The contract, valued at approximately US$150 million, will be performed over a five-year period.

MKU Unveils Body Armor, Helmet with Integrated Support to Wearable Systems

Indian military equipment manufacturer MKU is introducing at Defexpo a body armor integrated with a health monitoring system that provides effective, lightweight protection and supports the combatants with connectivity

IAI’s Battle Management Solution Changes the Rules of Combat

OPAL - a decentralized battle management system that enables interconnectivity, data sharing in real-time, enables military forces to meet the challenges of the modern combat arena.

AN/PRC-148 (JEM) – JTRS Enhanced Multi-Band Inter/Intra Team Radio

The AN/PRC-148 JTRS Enhanced MBITR, (JEM), is based on the  AN/PRC-148 MBITR developed by Thales Communications. Thales Communications is the prime contractor for the JTRS JEM Program (formerly Cluster 2). JEM Operating Environment is certified Software Communications Architecture SCA 2.2 compliant. SCA is the baseline architecture for future JTRS based software-defined radios. The new radio is also undergoing certification for...

IAI, Thales Integrate a New Datalink in Heron UAS

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Thales have conducted risk reduction flight tests for the integration of Thales and Elisra’s NATO STANAG 7085 data link on board the Heron Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV).

Wireless for Warfighter (W4W)

A new process designed to rapidly establish computer networks when joint warfighters move in to areas where there is no established communications network was developed by the U.S. Joint Forces Command. Known as Wireless for the Warfighter (W4W), the service provides an advanced wireless capability for faster setup, communication and dissemination of critical data. It is designed to cover...

PRC-710MB Radio

The PRC-710MB radio communications set is designed especially for Special Forces, air force and naval liaison teams, facilitating essential inter-communications between ground, airborne and naval forces. To ensure connectivity between multiple frequency bands and modulation techniques, the software controlled system uses wide-band radio-frequency modules covering 30-512 MHz, with adaptable antennae matching systems, built-in digital encryption (COMSEC) and navigation (GPS)...

TacMax – WiMAX Based Broadband Tactical Network

Rafael is unveiling the new TacMAX family of broadband, wireless networking systems at Eursatory 2010. TacMax utilizes the latest commercial off the shelf (COTS) 4G WiMAX technology, redesigned and packaged for military use, supporting mesh capabilities, advanced security and electronic-defense (ECCM) capabilities. The system is designed for rapid deployment and agility, using mobile station subscribers mounted on military vehicles,...

AN/GSR-9/10 Family of Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) are a central element in the U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team modernization effort. Part of the FCS Spin-Out program are two UGS systems developed by Textron Systems - the AN/GSR-9 Tactical-UGS and AN/GSR-10 Urban-UGS sensors, (also known as the Urban Military Operations in Urban Terrain Advanced Sensor System – UTASS).   The two sensors will operate with...

Taking Airborne Audio and Video to New Heights

An advanced, distributed real-time IP networking platform known as ‘Orion’ is introducing advanced communications and audio management capabilities on board aircraft, facilitating advanced directional audio and voice command that become essential for modern fighters, flown 'heads out' using of helmet-displays.

Compact INMARSAT SATCOM Extends Tactical UAVs Range, Performance

Cobham SATCOM has developed what is claimed to be the smallest and lightest Inmarsat UAV satcom solution. Mounted within the airframe and measuring 24cm x 16cm x 6cm, the AVIATOR UAV 200 delivers up to 200 kbps data and full, real-time control of data channels.

AN/PRC-117G Software Release adds Broader Network Support, Airborne Apps

The latest software release for the Falcon III AN/PRC-117G multiband manpack radio system significantly broadens its's network-enabled mission capabilities by introducing a new 'Sky Mode', for airborne applications and expanding network support to 30 individual nodes.

Fifth Launch Completes Satellite Completes U.S. Navy’s Global Military Cellular Network

The US Navy's fifth and last Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite was launched June 24, 2016, aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket. The system will transform legacy telephone links into a globally connected IP-based ‘mobile phone’ network, that will support voice, text and data, enabling small units to switch from line-of-sight communications to beyond line-of-sight Satellite Communications. (SATCOM).

Common Operation Picture (COP)

Start < Page 7 of 10 > Together, intelligence data and Blue Forces Tracking are fused to generate the digital map based Common Operational Picture (COP), which replaces traditional paper-based situational maps used for many generations. COP provides full and realistic presentation of all players - both hostile and friendly, refreshed in near-real-time updates. The situational picture presents all elements with...