Autonomous ASW: The Predator Becoming a Prey

SAIC Concept for the ACTUV was selected by DARPA for the autonomous ASW demonstration program.
In three years the US Navy could have a prototype of an autonomous anti-submarine warfare vessel that will be able to detect, track and shadow any type of submarine, including ultra-quiet diesel-electric subs, turning these undersea beast from predators into targets.

Chinese submarines to get a new, long range cruise missile

A cruise missile designed to be launched from attack submarines was unveiled today at Airshow China. The new missile, designated CM-708UNA, was developed by Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). Company sources confirmed the missile has entered production. The CM-708UNA is launched by torpedo tube and is therefore adaptable to conventional submarines (not equipped with vertical launchers). The missile employs...

Israel’s Navy Receives the Fifth Dolphin Submarine

Israel received today the fifth Dolphin-Class submarine. "INS Rahav" will arrive in Israel during the course of 2013, upon the completion and installation of its relevant systems.

How mature is PyongYang’s submarine launched missile program?

North Korea recently conducted a test of an ejection launcher that U.S. intelligence agencies assess is part of Pyongyang’s recently discovered submarine-launched ballistic missile program. Despite those alleged facts, analysts question the maturity of the North Korean missile submarine program.

X-Wing Drone Launched From a Submerged Submarine for the First Time

The US Navy has recently demonstrated the launch of an all-electric, fuel cell-powered, unmanned aerial system (UAS) from a submerged submarine. For the test, an electrically powered mini drone was launched from the submarine's torpedo tube using a 'Sea Robin' launch vehicle system. The Sea Robin is designed to fit within an empty Tomahawk Launching Canister (TLC), which is already...

Spearfish Heavyweight Torpedo

The Spearfish heavyweight torpedo used with all classes of Royal Navy submarines is undergoing a comprehensive upgrade, improving the propulsion, homing, tactical systems and warhead. The fleet will begin receiving the improved torpedoes by 2020 and complete the upgrade in four years and prepare the weapon to challenge future threats.

Compact Sub Design Revive Russian-Italian Cooperation

The Russian shipbuilder Rubin plans to update its S-1000 submarine design introduced in 2004 under cooperation with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. The 1,000 ton diesel-electric powered submarine was positioned to be a 'compact sub', smaller than the Project 636 (Kilo) class and Amur 1,650 ton submarines Rubin is already offering. The S-1000 was one of the contenders for the Indian...

DCNS outlines an AIP design based on the nuclear powered Barracuda

DCNS is introducing the SMX Ocean - a new submarine concept based on the hull of the nuclear powered 'Barracuda' - the next generation SSN of the French Navy. The SMX Ocean will be fitted with a conventional propulsion system (SSK) with AIP technology.

HDW Delivers the Fourth Dolphin Class Submarine to the Israel Navy

Following successful builders sea trials the Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) shipyard in Kiel delivered today the forth Dolphin class submarine to the Israel Navy. This 68 meter long 'Super Dolphin' submarine is believed to be the largest produced in Germany since World War II.

Ex USNS Ships Concord and Kilauea Sunk by Australian, Canadian Submarines

The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Collins Class submarine HMAS Farncomb has successfully sunk a target ship, the 12,106-tonne former USNS (United States Navy Ship) Kilauea in Hawaii using one Mk 48 torpedo for the attack

India’s K-15 Sagarika Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Completes Developmental Tests

Moving a step closer to completing its nuclear triad, India today successfully test-fired a submarine launched ballistic missile, with a strike range of around 750 kilometres. The K-15 Sagarika missile was launched from an underwater pontoon simulating a submarine launcher, in Bay of Bengal. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) chief VK Saraswat told the Indian press that all the test parameters...

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Could Power the navy’s Future Robotic Submarine

General Motors, the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory announced Thursday, June 23, 2016; they are cooperating to incorporate automotive hydrogen fuel cell systems into a next-generation of Navy unmanned undersea vehicles, or UUVs.

India Tests BrahMos Missile Launch From an Underwater Platform

India successfully carried out the maiden test firing of a submarine-launched BrahMos missile, lunching the 290 km-range supersonic missile from a submerged ponton simulating a submarine launcher.

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