Iran Unveils a Loitering Torpedo in the Service of the IRGC

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have added a batch of new ‘loitering torpedoes’ developed by Iran’s defense industries. The new weapons were unveiled yesterday during a ceremony at Bandar Abas naval base, a large naval base located at the straits of Hormoz. The new weapon that seems to be a hybrid of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) and a guided torpedo, enables the guards to direct covert attacks at enemy naval bases, ships, and offshore facilities.

MOD Releases Funds for More Astute Class Submarines

// The UK MOD has committed £2.7 billion for continued work on the Royal Navy future attack submarines. The programme, which has been beset by difficulties since it was commissioned in 1997, is expected to cost up to £10bn for a seven-submarine fleet that is already years late. The lead submarine of this new class, HMS Astute had suffered technical problems...

The Global Submarine market Report 2011-2021

Submarines form an essential core of today’s naval fleets as a result of their flexible mission capabilities and ability to complement other strategic resources. Worldwide, 41 countries possess submarine capability and together operate 450 submarines. Most of these nations are modernizing their fleets or increasing them as a result of changing security situations. A total of 154 submarines are to be procured over the forecast period, costing US$186.3 billion.

US Navy Revisiting Feasibility Of A Sub-Launched Global Strike Weapon

USS Ohio SSGN 726
With proposed defense budget reductions creating a need to reshape American military forces, the US Department of Defense is once again looking into the possibility of developing a sub-launched “Prompt Global Strike” (PGS) weapon as a means of reinforcing America’s power projection capability.

The Indian Navy is Pressing for Foreign Construction of Next Generation Submarines

Bowed to pressure from the Navy, India’s ministry of defense (MoD) has ruled that foreign and government owned shipyards will be allowed to compete for the construction of new Project 75I submarines. This decision is a blow to the private sector shipyards such as Larsen & Turbo (L&T), ABG Shipyard and the Pipavav Shipyard that have counted on the program for defense-related contracts.

Fire on Board the Russian Navy Akula II Nuclear Submarine kills Twenty Russian Sailors

In the latest incident of undersea tragedies that have struck the Russian Navy, a serious accident aboard a Russian nuclear attack submarine killed at least 20 and injured 22 last Saturday, November 8. The K-152 Nerpa (Seal), a Shchuka (Pike) class, (NATO Akula II) nuclear submarine was apparently on sea trials, sailing out from the shipyard in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, near...

Kockums Embarks on a Stealth Sub for the Swedish Navy

The Swedish Government has approved initiation of the design phase for the A26, a new generation submarines slated to replace the Gotland class submarines currently in service with the Royal Swedish Navy. The Swedish shipbuilder Kockums, that have specialized in maritime stealth designs, will be responsible for the new design, that will also have stealth capabilities. The new 1400 ton...

Defexpo 2008 Review

India's Arms Procurement Programs Discussed at the Defexpo 2008 India's Bi-Annual Arms Bazzar (updated March 2008) The Indian Ministry of Defense is planning to double its arms procurement and spend over US$ 20 billion (over Rs 120,000 crore) - more than twice the amount spent in the past 10 years on an annual basis. In the next four years, on...

IDAS Submarine Launched Surface to Air Missile System

Diehl Defense from Germany is back at the Singapore Airshow promoting a number of defense systems which are of high value to customers in Asia. Particularly interesting is the IDAS (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines). This unique submarine launched anti-helicopter weapon is designed to protect attack submarines from anti-submarine helicopters, as they become vulnerable hovering low above water, dipping...

Type 214 Submarine

Type 214 submarines were developed in Germany to address the requirements form modern navies for more endurance, without using nuclear propulsion. Unlike classic diesel electrically powered subs, Type 214s are using a new fuel cell system providing an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP). The new propulsion system enables an increased diving depth and overall performance efficiency, through specially built hull...

Research: With 150 New Submarines to be Built until 2021, the Submarine Market Seems to be on Solid Ground

The military submarine market is expected to continue growing in a modest pace through the second decade of the 21st century, as naval forces are inducting modern, more capable submarines, designed for extended operational missions at sea.

Vanguard Class Submarines

The Vanguard class submarines maintain the UK strategic nuclear deterrent force.

Israel and Singapore Team up to Market Advanced Anti-Ship Missiles

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today signed an agreement to set up a Singapore-based joint venture company (JV) with Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI). The JV named Proteus Advanced Systems will market and sell advanced naval missile systems, including next-generation anti-ship missile systems.

Upgraded British Attack Submarine Rejoins the Fleet

HMS Talent, the recently upgraded Royal Navy attack submarine has rejoined the active fleet. The nuclear powered submarine went through a £386 million upgrade, which included enhancement of its combat system with the introduction of the new Sonar 2076 systems and fresh reactor core. T-class submarines are equipped with the PWR1 reactor which needs refueling on average twice during a...

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