Taiwan To Upgrade Half F-CK-1 of its Fleet By Year’s End

By year's end Taiwan plans to complete modernizing about half of the fleet of its locally built 'Indigenous Defense Fighter' (IDF). The upgrade will enable the Taiwan Air Force to maintain the aircraft in service through 2030.

New JV Set Up To Offer Advanced Trainers for the Israel Air Force

Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are launching a joint venture aimed at acquiring, operating and maintaining advanced training aircraft for the israel Air Force. The companies are considering the financial requirements for this substantial undertaking; considering the substantial value of the program, raising capital in a public offering could be considered.

North Korea Likely To Postpone Rocket Launch

North’s rocket launch scheduled to take place sometime between 10 and 22 December is likely to be postponed, according to official announcement from Pyongyang. Analysts are speculating that the delay may be a combination of foul weather and technical malfunctions. Others consider Pyongyang may be bending under intense international condemnation and the threat of impending UN sanctions...

Russian Latest Viking Air Defense System Offered to China

Russia is displaying an export variant of the Buk-M3 air defense system called 'Viking' at AirshowChina in Zhuhai. the Buk-M3 surface-to-air missile system was recently accepted for service in the Russian Army. The weapon system is a follow-up of medium-range air defense missile systems (known as Buk-M2E - SA-17) is designed to protect troops and infrastructure facilities against modern and future air attack weapons amid jamming and counter-fire.

Osprey Emergency Landing Reignites Japanese Safety Concerns

A Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey forced to make an emergency landing on 9 July is fueling a resurgence of Japanese concern regarding the safety of the world’s first production tiltrotor combat aircraft. Marine Corps officials announced that an MV-22B assigned to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River, North Carolina made a controlled emergency landing at North Carolina’s...

Fighter Aircraft Programs at Aero India 2007

The most prominent program that dominated the recent air-show is the long expected US$6–11 billion plan to replace aging MiG-21s, 27 and Jaguars with 126 new multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA). The program was repeatedly delayed since 2005, when a formal request for Proposal (RFP) was expected. Although such request has not been filed yet, unofficial plans are calling for...

British Troops Seize Control of Helmands’ Lifeline – Nahr-e-Burgha Shamalan Irrigation Canal

In the latest phase of operation Panchai Palang (Panthers Claw), units of soldiers from the Welsh Guards Battle Group, Light Dragoons Battle Group and 3 SCOTS Battle Group (The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland) have seized key canal crossing points along the Helmand river irrigation canal and other areas. The soldiers are moving mostly on foot,...

Digital Raven Enhanced with New Gimbaled Payload, Image Processing

RQ-11B Raven small UAS fitted with the Mantis gimballed EO Payload
Aerovironment is upgrading the RQ-11B Digital Raven with the Mantis i23 miniature multisensor payload, packing daylight video, thermal cameras and plus laser pointer. The company is also enhancing the system by processing the Raven video to trigger automatic Moving Target Indication (MTI).

F-35 “Insider” Takes Command of Pacific Air Forces

General Herbert J. "Hawk" Carlisle formally accepted command of the United States’ Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) on 3 August in a ceremony presided over by US Navy Admiral Samuel Locklear III, commander of the US Pacific Command, and US Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz.

Kornet E Laser Guided Anti-Tank Missile

This semi-automatic laser beam riding missile is effective at ranges of 100 – 5,500 m' in daytime and up to 3,500 m' at night. The missile utilizes a tandem shaped charge anti-tank warhead or a thermobaric (fuel-air explosive) charge, for anti-personnel and anti-material blast and incendiary effect. The manufacturer claims penetration of 1,200mm of steel armor or 4.5 meters...

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Block II

The latest version of the F/A-18 – the F model (Super Hornet). Two versions are currently in production - the single-seat E model and the two-seat F model. This carrier capable aircraft provides a versatile platform for a wide range of missions, including air superiority, day/night strike with precision-guided weapons, fighter escort, close air support, suppression of enemy air...


The SA-N-12 (NATO code name Grizzly) is also used with the Buk M-1/2 (known by NATO as SA-11 Gadfly). The 9M317E missile uses a dual-mode solid propellant motor and aerodynamic guidance. It is capable of sustaining dynamic loading up to 24 Gs. The missile can engage targets at ranges between 3.5 and 32 km, and altitudes of 15 to 45,000 feet....

Japan narrows F-X selection to F-35, Super Hornet F-18E/F Block II

Japan Self Defense Air Force future replacement of F-4J fighters (F-X) is becoming a head-to-head competition between the two American aerospace giants, Boeing and Lockheed martin, offering the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and an advanced variant F/A-18 Super Hornet. Tokyo is expected to make a decision next month. Besides the two fighters’ operational capabilities Japan is likely to give high marks for involvement of domestic companies.

Boeing F-15SE Fails Seoul`s Final Selection of Next Fighter Jet

South Korea has backed off from selecting the Boeing F-15SE for its next fighter jet, a decision that would wave been seen as a 'sure win' for Boeing. Apparently, Seoul's concerns about the Silent Eagle's yet unproven stealth capabilities have tipped the scale against Boeing. "The DAPA will promptly restart the project to minimize the security vacuum by consulting...