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Rheinmetall Supplies Extended Range Ammunition for 155mm Artillery

A NATO customer has awarded Rheinmetall an order for modern artillery ammunition. The Group’s South African subsidiary, Rheinmetall Denel Munition (Pty) Ltd. (RDM), will supply several thousand conventional and extended-range artillery shells of the Assegai family (Base Bleed and V-LAP) as well as M92 Assegai tactical modular charges. Delivery commenced in December 2020 and is to be complete by May 2021. The order is worth around €25 million.

Russian Tanks get Advanced Kinetic Ammunition

The long rod penetrator made of Tungsten is used with Svinets KE projectiles. It penetrates 600 mm of steel, the penetrator made of depleted uranium can penetrate up to 700 mm of steel.

A powerful ammo family

IMI’s combat proven premium small caliber ammunition line offers higher accuracy, more stopping power

GD to produce Singaporean airburst grenades for the US military

Singapore based Advanced Material Engineering Pte Ltd (AME) is teaming with US industry giant General Dynamics to produce manufacture 40mm Air Burst Ammunition for...

OWL ammo will be all tracers but invisible to the enemy

Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal are researching a way to develop a tracer round that will be visible to the shooter in daylight and night time but would remain invisible to the enemy at night.

South African Rippel to Qualify Diehl’s 40mm Ammo for its Grenade...

Diehl Defence signed an agreement with the South African company Rippel Effect Systems (PTY) Ltd. covering joint marketing of grenade launcher systems. The agreement...

Guided Projectiles Competing Over Naval 5-Inch Guns

The Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile (MS-SGP) went through a successful first test firing from a 5-inch 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System at White Sands...

Iran Introduces a Locally Produced Kornet-E Copy

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi introduced a new missile called ‘Dehlaviyeh’ thought to be an Iranian ‘copycat’ of the Russian KBM 9M133 Kornet missile.

GMLRS to Get a New Warhead

Lockheed Martin has received a $79.4 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a new 'Alternative Warhead' (AW) for the Guided...

Israeli Multi-Purpose Tank Ammo Redesigned to Fit the 125mm Gun of...

New types of ammunition are positioned to enhance the combat capabilities and survivability of the Indian T-90S and T-72M Main Battle Tanks, improving their armor penetration capability as well as efficiency against anti-tank teams and fortified targets.

France’s Cluster Weapons Dismantling Plant to Destroy 15 Million Bomblets for...

MBDA has won a contract from NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) for the dismantling and destruction of 36,000 missiles, rockets and artillery rounds carrying 15 million cluster munitions. The munition processing plant will be installed at MBDA’s Bourges Subdray site in central France at an investment of around €12 million, creating about 20 direct jobs.

ATK, IMI Highlight Air Burst System at AUSA 2011

ATK, IMI Highlight Air Burst System at AUSA 2011. The U.S. system, developed by ATK is currently undergoing operational evaluation in Afghanistan. The Israeli system is being tested by the Israeli Army. The XM25 weighs 6.35 kg with a loaded four-round magazine while an M-16 with MPRS totals 6.70 with the same load of ammo. The XM25 offers the benefit of an automatic loading and rapid burst, the Israeli can be fielded more quickly and benefit from existing logistics suport, training and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP).

Saab Wins $180 Million Order for Carl-Gustaf Anti-Tank Ammo

Saab has received an order worth over US$180 million (MSEK 1155) for anti-armor projectiles for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. The company will deliver the first ammunition batches in September 2011 and continue supplies throughout 2012 with additional option for 2013. The identity of the customer was not disclosed.

Thales Australia, GD-OTS Announce Long-Term Munition Cooperation Agreement

Thales Australia is strengthening its position in the Australian ordnance market through a newly announced strategic teaming with U.S.-based General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical...

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