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USAF Readies Massive Ordnance Penetrator for Showdown in Iran

The US has enhanced its biggest bunker buster bomb specifically to enable the destruction of Iran's underground Fordow uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qom. 20 such bombs - the biggest and heaviest bomb in the US arsenal, will be delivered this year, following the completion of upgrades and testing.

US Reinforcing Pacific Defenses to Counter North Korean Threats

Washington is strengthen its missile-defense posture in the Pacific in response to Pyongyang’s continual threats to launch ballistic missile attacks against US targets in the region and targets as far away as the US mainland.

Nothing Stealth About This

The massive display of offensive capability along with missile defense, in and around the Korean Peninsula, including the flights of nuclear capable B-2 stealth bombers, is an absolute necessity for South Korea, Japan, and United States as we work to assure that millions of innocent lives are defended and that this offensive capability is able to survive a first strike by North Korea

Washington Steps Up Warning: Sending Two Stealth Bombers over South Korea

Following North Korean escalating tension with the South, Washington is stepping up warning. Today the Air Forces' Strategic Command said it is sending two B-2 Spirit bombers for a long-duration, round-trip training mission from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., to South Korea, as part of the ongoing bilateral Foal Eagle training exercise.

Northrop Grumman to Begin Next Phase of Modernizing B-2 Defensive Systems

Northrop Grumman will help drive down costs and speed the availability of new hardware and software upgrades for the B-2 stealth bomber under a...

EGBU-28 / GBU-37 / BLU-113 Deep Penetrating Weapon

The EGBU-28/BLU-113 Hard Target Penetrator was first deployed during the First Gulf War in 1991 as a laser guided munition. It is now available with Laser/GPS or GPS Aided Guidance, offering all-weather accuracy of less than six meters, or with laser guidance. The 4,400 pounds (2.2 tons) weapon can destroy reinforced concrete protected targets buried 30 meters in the ground.

With Libyan Air Defense Neutralized, Coalition Air Forces Target Libyan Ground...

After a third night of mounting military pressure by coalition forces, units loyal to Muammar Gaddafi were reported to withdraw from Benghazi, shifting their pressure to the west on Tuesday, Gaddafi’s forces attacked two Libyan towns on the eastern border with Tunisia.

New Composite to Improve B-2 Durability

The U.S. Air Forces' Research Laboratory (AFRL) has implemented Hot Trailing Edge (HTE) skin composed of AFR-PE-4 composite material on the B-2 stealth bomber....

B-2 Massive Ordnance Penetrator Weapon Integration Underway

The U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bomber has began hardware fit check at Whiteman Air Force Base, Montana in preparation of the integration...

Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM)

The Joint Air-to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) is an autonomous, stealthy, long range conventional, air-to-ground, precision standoff missile used by the US Air Force...

Modern Bombers Applications for Conventional Warfare

Start < Page 8 of 9 > The high combat effectiveness demonstrated by precision guided weapons brought the US Air Force to reconsider the employment and...

B-2 Spirit

The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber offers similar capabilities, with the addition of stealth – enabling it to penetrate heavily defended airspace, especially at night....

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